HDB BTO November 2022: The 4 Announced Estates and Where We Hope the BTOs Will Be

Mary Wu
HDB BTO November 2022: The 4 Announced Estates and Where We Hope the BTOs Will Be
Update: This article was written before the locations of the November 2022 BTO sites were announced. For updated information on the released site locations, read our in-depth review of the November 2022 BTO launches here.
The May 2022 HDB BTO exercise is behind us and we’re now looking ahead at the sites for the August 2022 HDB BTO launch.
And with that, yes, it’s once again time for us to guess the likely sites for the four announced estates for the Nov 2022 HDB BTO launch!
Here’s what we know so far: in November 2022, HDB will offer about 9,500 units of BTO flats in four HDB towns.
Location of Nov 2022 BTO HDB flat type
Bukit Batok 2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-/ 5-room
Kallang/Whampoa 3-/ 4-room
Queenstown Community Care Apartments/ 2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-room
Yishun 2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-/ 5-room
Total units About 9,500
Let’s see… The Bukit Merah releases seem to have paused for the moment. But there might be more coming up next year as the Greater Southern Waterfront area gets more developed. 6,000 BTO flats are to be built in the Greater Southern Waterfront on the former Keppel Club site. These flats are expected to be launched in the next three years – possibly a new Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) HDB town?
There’s nothing from Tengah as well. HDB is probably taking a break as launches (or they’ve all been launched?) have been fast and furious over the past few years. Plus, construction delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors have not been helping.
It’s nice to see that there are flats coming up in Bukit Batok and Yishun Nov 2022 BTO launch, with the promise of 5-room flats! Also, it’s nice to see another Kallang/Whampoa launch as well as thoughtful Community Care Apartments in Queenstown, a mature estate.
Calls for speculation? But this whole article is indeed speculative… and a whole lot of fun!
As per our previous editions, HDB is still firming up the total number of units and will release more details during August 2022’s BTO exercise, including the exact sites. In the meantime, we’re here to pinpoint plausible sites with the handy URA Masterplan and Google Maps, in a bid to guess where the upcoming BTO sites will be for November 2022.
If you’d like to check out our previous guesses (and see how accurate we’ve been), take a look here:
Disclaimer: The plots featured below are empty sites marked for residential use. They may or may not be the actual sites for the upcoming November 2022 BTO flats.

Bukit Batok (2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-/ 5-room)

The previous batch of Bukit Batok BTOs was launched in February 2021, a bumper crop of 2 projects that were initially planned for May 2020. And here we are again, with an offering that also has 5-room flats.
Source: URA Space
As the recent new projects in Bukit Batok have been around Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, we’re hazarding a guess that the November 2022 launch will be close by as well.
While there seem to be other available plots of land in the same area, we noted that the gross plot ratio was 1.4 with a comment “maximum 5 storeys” – hardly enough to support a BTO development of our time, right?
For the selected site, the gross plot ratio is 2.5, which means it can comfortably house a high-rise building.
Site of West Hill, the Feb 2021 Bukit Batok BTO project, located at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5. Source: HDB
Looking at the map for the Feb 2021 Bukit Batok BTO project, West Hill, the Nov 2022 site, though smaller, should be to the right if our guess is right. This is a great location, as the Bukit Batok Park Connector runs directly alongside it.
The site is also close to Bukit Gombak MRT station on the North South line. Closeby amenities include the Bukit Gombak Sports Hall, Hong Kah North Community Club, the neighbourhood centre and even a couple of schools, Dazhong Primary and Dunearn Secondary.
Bukit Batok MRT station, also on the North South line, is a short stroll south. Residents also have easy access to the bus interchange, West Mall, Bukit Batok Community Club and the Town Council.
For those elderly who managed to ballot for the Feb 2021 Bukit Batok Harmony Village Community Care flats, our chosen site is also very near. If this indeed is the location of the upcoming Nov 2022 Bukit Batok BTO site, this means you can visit your Ah Ma and Ah Gong every day!
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Kallang/Whampoa (3-/ 4-room)

Could this possibly be a PLH flat? Given that the Feb 2022 Kallang/Whampoa BTO (King George’s Heights) followed this route.
Source: URA Space
There is a likely plot of land here, at the junction of Crawford Street and North Bridge Road. There are existing flats in the area, and our search on Google Maps shows an empty, well-manicured plot of land as of February 2022.
Source: Google Maps
While the URA Space classifies this area as residential, the gross plot ratio has yet to be determined: “Subject to detailed evaluation”. Does this mean that it would be a future site and not the Nov 2022 BTO site? We’re not sure either. But it’s definitely for residential!
We’re still rooting for this site, nevertheless. When you’re hungry, you can pop by Crawford Lane and Golden Mile Complex for cheap, yummy food. It’s close to Lavender MRT station on the East West line and probably will give residents a fantastic view of the Rochor River. What else would you need?
The only downside is families with young children will not have many choices when it comes to selecting nearby schools. The closest schools are Stamford Primary School, Farrer Park Primary School and Bendemeer Primary School.
There isn’t any bus interchanges nearby either unless you’re talking about the Queen Street Bus Terminal that will send you to Malaysia.
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Queenstown (Community Care Apartments/ 2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-room)

Queenstown was part of the May 2022 HDB BTO launch of Ghim Moh Ascent, a PLH site. Does this mean this Nov 2022 project will be too? If yes, how does the PLH model work for Community Care Apartments?
Site of Ghim Moh Ascent, the May 2022 Queenstown BTO project launched under the Prime Location Public Housing model, bounded by Ghim Moh Road, Ghim Moh Close, and the Rail Corridor. Source: HDB
So the Queenstown launch got moved out of the initially planned August 2022 BTO launch. Likewise, the other Bukit Merah BTO launch got moved to August 2022.
If you remember our previous edition of the “guess where the BTO is” article for August 2022, we noted that the site map of the May 2022 Queenstown HDB BTO launch seemed to show a hint for the following launch. Right below the Ghim Moh Ascent BTO flats is a plot that says “Site reserved for high-rise public housing”.
We noted that logistics wise, it’s probably easier to concentrate construction resources in one place to minimise disturbance to the Queenstown residents. It’s a large site, with a gross plot ratio of 4.9.
Our question though, is will the Community Care Apartments be housed together on this site, or separately?
Source: HDB
If you notice, there are 2 more sites nearby reserved for future high-rise developments. But they don’t mention public housing, and one of them doesn’t mention residential. Those would be good sites though, as they’re close to the neighbourhood centre, the park connector, the community club and even the Rail Corridor. Residents moving into the new BTO flats will also be around to offer help.
All in all, there’s convenient access to the Circle and East-West lines via Buona Vista MRT station, which is an interchange station. Residents can take a short stroll to Holland Village and Rochester Park.
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Yishun (2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-/ 5-room)

Hello, Yishun! The pride and joy of Singapore for all its news headlines (for legal purposes, this is a joke). We kinda like Yishun though – it’s a cosy and self-sufficient town with delicious laksa, shopping malls, a movie theatre, green spaces, and more. There’s never a boring day in Yishun!
With the launch of Yishun Beacon, the May 2022 Yishun HDB BTO project, HDB seems to be moving away from the stretch along Yishun Avenue 8 (is that site filled up already?) and closer to Yishun MRT station itself.
We’re guessing the upcoming Nov 2022 Yishun site will be the green patch of grass, near the top right-hand corner of the image, where we’ve placed a grey-coloured Google Maps marker. Source: Google Maps
So we think the future Nov 2022 Yishun HDB BTO site is an area bounded by Yishun Street 31 and Yishun Ring Road, with the Yishun Glen BTO flats, launched during the August 2018 BTO exercise, being built nearby.
It’s really close to the scenic part of Yishun, the Khatib Bongsu park connector, and one can continue their stroll to the Yishun Pond. Yishun MRT station, along with all the amenities such as Northpoint City shopping mall, Nee Soon East Community Club and so on, is just a short bus ride away.
No need to worry about schools, because there’s Naval Base Secondary School, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun), Northland Primary School, Huamin Primary School, Jiemin Primary School, Yishun Secondary School and Yishun Innova Junior College.
Yishun is also a really affordable neighbourhood. Based on the prices of Yishun Beacon, a 5-room flat goes for less than $500,000 (but prices seem to be going up).
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More FAQs About BTO Flats in Singapore

Yes. You can submit your BTO application under the Fiance/Fiancee scheme.

You can check the status and results of your BTO application via the HDB website, and the last queue number issued.

You pay the bulk of the downpayment when you sign the Agreement for Lease.