HDB BTO May 2022: The 5 Announced Estates and Where We Hope the BTOs Will Be

Mary Wu
HDB BTO May 2022: The 5 Announced Estates and Where We Hope the BTOs Will Be
Update: This article was written before the locations of the May 2022 BTO sites were announced. For updated information on the released site locations, read our in-depth review of the May 2022 BTO launches here.
It’s that time of the year again. No, not Christmas (though it’s in full swing right now), but time to sniff out the possible locations of the upcoming HDB BTO launches for May 2022.
We’ve just passed the November 2021 BTO launch, and HDB has also announced the sites for February 2022. Come May 2022, HDB is set to launch about 5,200 to 5,700 units in a whopping five estates.
Location of May 2022 BTOHDB flat type
Bukit Merah3-/ 4-room
Jurong West2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-/ 5-room
Queenstown3-/ 4-room
Toa Payoh2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-room
Yishun2-room Flexi/ 4-/ 5-room
Total units (approximate)5,330
HDB seems to be slowing down on the Tengah launches as there are no Tengah BTO projects for this round.
But if you do want to live in Tengah, you can bid for the Feb 2022 BTO Tengah project, or apply for one of the past Tengah BTO flats during the Sale of Balance Flats exercise in May or November. Meanwhile, check out the Tengah projects launched in 2021:
As usual, the total number of units has yet to be firmed up, and HDB will release more details during February 2022’s BTO exercise. This includes the exact sites, so as per our usual PropertyGuru tradition, we’ll be pinpointing possible sites with the help of the URA Masterplan and Google Maps, to predict where the upcoming BTO sites will be for May 2022.
Without further ado, here are our guesses for where the upcoming BTOs for the May 2022 launch could be.
Disclaimer: The plots featured below are empty sites marked for residential use. They may or may not be the actual sites for the upcoming May 2022 BTO flats.

Bukit Merah (3- and 4-room Flats)

In May 2021’s HDB BTO exercise, the much-talked-about Telok Blangah Beacon flats were launched. This also sparked some discussion about the prime units, which ranged from $419,000 to well over $600,000 for 3- and 4-room flats.
Source: URA
Seeing that the current Telok Blangah cluster seems rather packed, especially with the addition of Telok Blangah Beacon wedged near the market, the other alternatives would be further north or down south where Keppel Club is/was (depending on when you’re reading this article as the lease expires in December 2021.
Since the Bukit Merah launch is a small project with a 3- and 4-room configuration, we hazard a guess that it would be around Prince Phillip Avenue. And we were right! On 15 December 2021, HDB dropped the news that the site would be redeveloped, with around 1,500 BTO flats to be built.
However don’t be so quick to rejoice, HDB hasn’t given official confirmation on when the Alexandra flats will be launched. But we’re really hoping it will be for the May 2022 BTO launch.
Source: Google Maps
Bounded by Alexandra Road, Prince Charles Crescent and Alexandra Canal, the 3.7ha site will include the space occupied by Alexandra Post Office. It’s a good location, with schools, a sports centre, Redhill Market and eateries nearby. Redhill MRT station is 400m away, giving future residents easy access to the city.
So the next question we’re wondering is if the Alexandra flats will be released under the Prime Location Housing (PLH) model. Again, HDB has not given official confirmation on the PLH status of these flats. More details and the possible PLH status of these flats will only be announced before the launch. However, judging by the project’s location, we want to say yes.
One thing is for sure: these flats will likely command a high price as Bukit Merah is a mature estate that’s close to central Singapore.
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Jurong West (2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, and 5-room Flats)

Just last month, the Nanyang Opal November 2021 BTO launched in Jurong West. It’s possible that the upcoming May 2022 Jurong West BTO will be close by, seeing that there’s an empty plot big enough for a development with 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4- and 5-room flats.
Source: Google Maps
Seeing that there are BTO flats in Jurong West named Nanyang Emerald and Nanyang Ruby, we’re banking on the new project being named Nanyang Amethyst, Nanyang Jade, Nanyang Citrine or Nanyang Pearl. Are we right? Maybe. The answer will soon be revealed by HDB in a few months.
Although Jurong West is too far west for some, this probable BTO location bodes well as it has quite a few schools within walking distance, a swimming complex, sports centre, petrol kiosk and neighbourhood amenities such as Nanyang Community Club, hair salon, food centres and so on. Pioneer MRT looks to be an under-10 minutes’ walk, and Pioneer Mall is about 15 minutes away by foot.
Most importantly, as Jurong West is a non-mature estate, prices for a spacious 5-room flat will likely be much more affordable than a smaller flat in a mature estate. Yay for our pockets!
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Queenstown (3- and 4-room Flats)

Queenstown is another mature estate where BTO flats tend to have a higher price point. In August 2021, the Queen’s Arc BTO was launched and of course, it was oversubscribed (by five times). We’re wondering if the May 2022 launch will be similar, both in terms of the number of units (500+) and the long wait time for the flat’s completion (over five years).
Source: URA
The Queen’s Arc site is rather large and has a gross floor area of 4.0. Considering how there have been multiple incidences of HDB BTO projects launched at different times sharing the same plot, the upcoming May 2022 HDB BTO in Queenstown could be a neighbour of Queen’s Arc.
Nothing beats being within walking distance of IKEA, Queensway Shopping Centre, Alexandra Central and Anchorpoint, not to mention the wonderful food centres (ABC Brickworks, Alexandra Food Centre), good coffee (Tiong Hoe, anyone?), and of course other amenities like schools. Alexandra Hospital is also nearby for emergencies.
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Toa Payoh (2-room Flexi, 3-, and 4-room Flats)

The big question on everyone’s minds is: will this Toa Payoh BTO launch be in Toa Payoh itself or in related areas grouped under the same area but also known as Bidadari and Joo Seng?
As someone who regularly requests this estate, a couple of plausible plots come to mind, but the hottest one will be the plot that’s just beside Caldecott MRT station, a newly-minted interchange with the opening of Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 2. It’s also within walking distance to Braddell and Toa Payoh MRT stations, both on the North-South Line.
Source: URA
There’s a market just opposite, an MRT station at your doorstep, MacRitchie Reservoir a short bus ride away, many choice primary schools and established secondary schools in the area, lots of delicious food… Nothing much to dislike about this location, but perhaps the price.
Remember the Masterplan announced by HDB for Toa Payoh back in 2017? If our predictions are true, then this will be one of the many developments coming up in the Caldecott area now that the MRT station is up.
Given that Toa Payoh Ridge is still being constructed, residents will probably have to put up with dust and noise until the project is done up. But think about the potential! The area will probably be an amazing neighbourhood to live in, after a decade or so.
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Yishun (2-room Flexi, 4-, and 5-room Flats)

Last but not least, Yishun is also on the list of BTO estates in the May 2022 BTO launch. This estate has been seeing some buzz of late, with the launch of Provence Residence EC in May (the project made was one of the top 10 best-selling projects for Q2 2021), as well as the upcoming Feb 2022 Yishun BTO launch.
We saw a plausible plot of land right beside Yishun MRT station. If the May 2022 Yishun BTO launch is indeed at that site, it’ll mean future residents will be within walking distance to all the shopping, eating and entertainment action that Northpoint City provides.
Source: URA
Well, there seems to be another plot of land located near Yishun Avenue 2, but that’s right beside a temple and Yishun columbarium, so might not be ideal for all. Especially those of us who are ‘pantang’ (read: superstitious) or believe in Fengshui.
Good news, housing prices in Yishun are really affordable at the moment. It might even be the most affordable town in Singapore for now. So getting a 5-room flat during this launch is a good deal, and you may not have as many people vying for a unit as in, say, Bukit Merah, Queenstown or Toa Payoh.
Perks of the location include a good mix of schools, as well as recreational facilities, access to nature, and cycling tracks. Come supper time, Chomp Pang Nasi Lemak or Yishun 925 Laksa, anyone?
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More FAQs about the May 2022 HDB BTO Launch

In May 2022, HDB is poised to launch 5,200 to 5,700 flats in 6 estates: Bukit Merah, Jurong West, Queenstown, Toa Payoh and Yishun.

HDB will release more details on the May 2022 BTO launch in February 2022.

For the upcoming February 2022 BTO exercise, HDB will launch 440 units in Geylang, 390 units in Kallang/Whampoa, 1,270 units in Tengah, and 1,830 units in Yishun.