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Frequently asked questions

About selling

To sell property in Singapore, engage a licensed real estate agent to market your property, set a realistic price based on a professional valuation, and follow through the negotiation and documentation process. You also need to hire a conveyancing lawyer. Once an offer is accepted, proceed with the Option to Purchase, sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement, and complete the sale on the agreed-upon date.
Yes, you can sell a property in Singapore without an agent, but it requires more direct involvement in marketing, negotiations, and paperwork.
The time it takes to sell a property in Singapore varies, depending on factors such as market conditions, location, and pricing. On average, it may take a few weeks to several months to secure a buyer and complete the transaction.
Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) rates you will have to pay are calculated by applying the applicable rate on whichever is higher for the residential property in question: 1) selling price or 2) current market value.

About selling an HDB

Before selling an HDB flat, ensure that you have fulfilled the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), which is typically five years. Except for Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) flats and flats bought under the Fresh Start Housing Scheme. Do note that PLH will soon be replaced, as well as the 15-month wait-out period for Plus and Prime flats will become 30. Settle any outstanding mortgages, obtain necessary approvals from HDB, engage a licensed real estate agent for the sale, and gather all required documentation.
Generally, you cannot sell your HDB flat before five years, the typical MOP. If you wish to do so, it's advisable to check with HDB for guidance.
If you have used your CPF savings to purchase your property, you will have to refund the principal withdrawn, plus accrued interest, to your CPF account after you sell.

About selling a condo

To sell your private condo, determine a competitive selling price, engage a licensed real estate agent to assist with marketing, negotiations, and paperwork.
You can generally sell your condo in Singapore at any time after purchase, as there is no specific MOP imposed on private condos. However, if you sell your condo within three years of buying it, you will incur SSD.
Yes, but after the September 2022 cooling measures, there is now a 15-month waiting period before you can purchase an HDB flat. In the meantime, you should ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements.
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