HDB Map: A Definitive Guide to Deciding Where to Live in Singapore (2022)

Mary Wu
HDB Map: A Definitive Guide to Deciding Where to Live in Singapore (2022)
Have you ever used the HDB Map Services? It provides useful information on the locations of HDB flats, car parks, shops and businesses… not to mention HDB housing matters.
You’ll probably need to use HDB Map Services when you buy your own flat (after all, having our own HDB flat or other property is all part and parcel of #adulting). Deciding where to live is really a big choice to make – whether you’re single or not, you gotta decide if the location suits your needs as buying a home is a huge commitment, both in terms of money and your own time/effort.
Not sure how to use the HDB Map Services to inform your choice of deciding where to live in Singapore? We’re here to shed light on this! We’ve also filtered and ranked HDB estates based on various factors, so click the tags to learn more about:

HDB Map: What Is the HDB Map Services

Okay, we’ll get down to the HDB Map Services proper. When you enter the site, you’ll see a map of Singapore with a helpful pop-up:
hdb-map-where-to-live (3)
Source: HDB
Then, click and choose which broad category you’d like to learn more about. The categories are ‘Housing’, ‘Car Park’, and ‘Shops’.
Under ‘Housing’, HDB Map Services lets you look up an HDB flat’s lease information, the breakdown of flat types in the block you’ve selected, resale flat prices in your selected area, and season parking.
hdb-map-where-to-live (1)
You can click on the block to find out more information. Source: HDB
Under ‘Car Park’, look up the types of car parks in the vicinity, carpark rates, and which service provider the carpark falls under. Last but not least, under ‘Shops’, you can check out the shops in your (future) neighbourhood!
hdb-map-where-to-live (2)
You can also locate nearby carparks and view more information on season parking and family season parking. Source: HDB
In the search bar on the top left corner of the HDB Map Services page, you can input your keywords for things such as an address, postal code, carpark or landmark. Alternatively, you could even manually locate and zoom in and out on any area of the map.
hdb-map-where-to-live (4)
Select your desired amenities nearby to see what’s close to the area you are looking to move to. Source: HDB
Here, there is a slew of options to choose from the pop-up menu, including child care centres, community centres, CPF centres, eldercare facilities, family service centres, hawker centres, HDB branches, heartland spots, hospitals, kindergartens, libraries, MRT/LRT stations, parks, places of interest, places of heritage, police centres/posts, RC centres and sports facilities.
There’s really a ton of data embedded in HDB Map Services. But how can this data further help us identify our future home base in Singapore? Let’s take a look at some ways you can utilise the HDB Map to make comparisons, or do an in-depth sussing out of the area we are keen to live in, based on our own research.

Buying a Resale Flat: Mature Vs Non-Mature HDB Estate

Let’s first take a look at the list of mature and non-mature estates in Singapore. Basically, a mature estate is an older residential area that’s been around for at least 20 years and thus tends to have more amenities in the area. You might also see this difference when you search for amenities on the HDB Map.
Mature estates in Singapore
Non-mature estates in Singapore
● Ang Mo Kio
● Bedok
● Bishan
● Bukit Merah
● Bukit Timah
● Central
● Clementi
● Geylang
● Kallang/Whampoa
● Marine Parade
● Pasir Ris
● Queenstown
● Serangoon
● Tampines
● Toa Payoh
● Bukit Batok
● Bukit Panjang
● Choa Chu Kang
● Hougang
● Jurong East
● Jurong West
● Punggol
● Sembawang
● Sengkang
● Tengah
● Woodlands
● Yishun
So, what are the pros and cons of living in a mature versus a non-mature HDB estate? Unfortunately, this isn’t just about how long your commute to work takes.
Some factors to weigh include:
  • Property prices
  • Available amenities
  • Resale value
  • Public transport links
  • Environment (e.g. noise levels, greenery)
  • Flat sizes (e.g. flat types available)
  • Competition when purchasing a flat in the area (i.e. how in-demand property in the area is)
  • Location with respect to the distance to Singapore’s central region

Priciest Resale Flats by HDB Estates in Singapore

hdb-map-where-to-live (5)
For many young couples looking to purchase their first home, securing a BTO flat is the most affordable option. However, BTO flats must be balloted for and getting a unit is not guaranteed; there are also restrictions in place for singles who want to buy a BTO flat. Not to mention, you have to wait between three to five years for your flat to be built.
Thus, many who have urgent housing needs or are unwilling to wait go the HDB resale flat route, which is to buy an HDB flat on the open market.
On the topic of price, HDB resale flat prices are at a 20-month high. Forking out this 6-figure sum for your new home is by no means a small feat and the location of choice requires great deliberation.
Here’s a quick look at the top 5 most expensive HDB resale flats* in Singapore, based on current HDB resale listings on our PropertyGuru portal. We’ve removed shophouses, pre-war conservation flats, executive maisonettes and HDB terraces, as well as repeated listings of different flats in the same or neighbouring block.
*All properties listed below were available at the time of writing. However, due to the nature of property listings, the ads may be taken down at any time.

1. 96A Henderson Road: $1,500,000

hdb-map-where-to-live (7)
hdb-map-where-to-live (6)
  • Type of flat: 5A HDB flat
  • Size of flat: 1,216 sq ft
  • TOP: 2018
  • HDB estate: Bukit Merah
View this 96A Henderson Road listing or search for other HDB flats for sale in Bukit Merah on PropertyGuru.

2. 9B Boon Tiong Road: $1,500,000

hdb-map-where-to-live (8)
hdb-map-where-to-live (9)
  • Type of flat: 5S HDB flat
  • Size of flat: 1,206 sq ft
  • TOP: 2014
  • HDB estate: Bukit Merah
View this 9B Boon Tiong Road listing or search for other HDB flats for sale in Bukit Merah on PropertyGuru.

3. 149 Mei Ling Street: $1,500,000

hdb-map-where-to-live (10)
hdb-map-where-to-live (11)
  • Type of flat: Executive Apartment
  • Size of flat: 1,605 sq ft
  • Year completed: 1993
  • HDB estate: Queenstown
View this 149 Mei Ling Street listing or search for other HDB flats for sale in Queenstown on PropertyGuru.

4. 345 Clementi Avenue 5: $1,488,888

hdb-map-where-to-live (12)
Check out the HDB floor plan of this jumbo flat!
  • Type of flat: Jumbo HDB flat
  • Size of flat: 1,744 sq ft
  • Year completed: 1978
  • HDB estate: Clementi
View this 345 Clementi Avenue 5 listing or search for other HDB flats for sale in Clementi on PropertyGuru.

5. 96A Henderson Road: $1,450,000

hdb-map-where-to-live (13)
hdb-map-where-to-live (14)
  • Type of flat: 5I HDB flat
  • Size of flat: 1,216 sq ft
  • Year completed: 2018
  • HDB estate: Bukit Merah
View this 96A Henderson Road listing or search for other HDB flats for sale in Bukit Merah on PropertyGuru.

HDB Resale Median Transaction Prices

Again, these most expensive HDB flats tend to be outliers, in-term of price point. Keen on buying a resale flat? Here’s a quick look at the HDB resale median flat prices for 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats in Q4 2021, which provides you a more reasonable estimate of what you can expect to fork out:
Ang Mo Kio
Bukit Batok
Bukit Merah
Bukit Panjang
Bukit Timah
Central Area
Choa Chu Kang
Jurong East
Jurong West
Marine Parade
Pasir Ris
Toa Payoh
For an even more in-depth look at resale HDB prices, browse and click on individual properties on the HDB Map. There, you can view prices on a granular level.
However, before you jump in and dive headfirst into buying an HDB resale flat, read up on how to buy a resale HDB flat in Singapore, check your eligibility, and budget for your new home by planning your finances.
To get you started, browse all available HDB resale flats for sale on PropertyGuru, or check out these freshly MOP-ed flats in 2022.

Million-dollar HDB Flats, Sorted by HDB Estates in Singapore

The Pinnacle @ Duxton is one such HDB estate that regularly sees million-dollar listings.
The top 5 most expensive resale HDB listings we shared earlier give an inkling into the HDB estates where you’re likely to find most, if not all, of the million-dollar HDB flats. These, we’ll refer to as the “million-dollar estates”.
As of September 2021, these are the estates where you’ll find those million-dollar HDB resale flats:
HDB estate in Singapore
Number of million-dollar flats transacted
Central Area
Toa Payoh
Bukit Merah
Bukit Timah
Ang Mo Kio
But what’s so special about these flats, you might ask. Well, these million-dollar flats share some common traits. If you’ve been browsing the HDB Map Services page, you probably noticed some of these trends. They are:
  • In a good location (centrally located and/or close to MRT stations)
  • Larger, premium flat types
  • On a high floor and boast unblocked views
  • Well-maintained; interiors are renovated
  • At their peak resale value; these flats are either freshly MOP-ed, or have a long lease remaining

Top Neighbourhoods to Live in for Young Families

portrait of Beautiful family with cute baby in the park having fun together
Another consideration, especially for young families or for couples intending to have children, is to live in a neighbourhood catered to your future kids.
Aside from having sufficient infant care and pre-schools in the area, you’ll likely want your home to be near public transport, nature parks and playgrounds. You’ll also want easy access to hawker centres, markets, and supermarkets.
While living in mature HDB estates will likely mean having access to a wide array of amenities, it’s good to consider how some non-mature HDB estates such as Punggol and the upcoming Tengah are purpose-built. This means the HDB towns are planned from scratch, specifically with young families in mind.
According to our list, the top 5 neighbourhoods for young families to live in are:
  • Bukit Timah
  • Bishan
  • Marine Parade
  • Bukit Merah
  • Punggol
Additionally ‘kiasu’ parents who wish to boost their kid’s chances of getting a place in a popular primary school may also want to look out for homes within 1km of the compound. Those parents might also opt for an all-girls or all-boys school. By the way, did you know that you can search for property listings on PropertyGuru by the nearest schools?

Top Neighbourhoods to Live in for Dog Owners in Singapore: Dog-friendly Neighbourhoods

Maybe you don’t have kids but you’re a ‘pawrent’ looking for a nice place that’ll make your pup feel right at home. You’d be looking for a dog-friendly neighbourhood, with doggo-friendly cafes, dog grooming salons, reputable vets, pet supply shops, nice parks (with a dog run, if available) and more.
While the HDB Map doesn’t specifically show dog facilities, you can check if your potential home has nearby green spaces or park connectors. Daily walking route, sorted!
According to our list, the top 5 neighbourhoods for dog owners to live in are:
  • East Coast/Siglap/Katong
  • Tiong Bahru/Outram Park
  • Serangoon/Hougang
  • Toa Payoh/Novena
  • Bukit Timah (Holland Village, Farrer Road, Botanic Gardens)
pets in singapore dog and cat
A pet owner’s dream: for your dog and cat to be best friends.
Neighbourhood aside, your home has to be pet-friendly as well. Plus, you’ve got to ensure your pet is HDB-approved too. For example, your dog must be licensed by the NParks Animal & Veterinary Service and must be an approved breed. You can only keep one dog in your flat. Meanwhile, cats are technically not allowed in flats, though there’s been a recent debate to hopefully change this ruling.
There are a bunch of other pets that are allowed though, which include certain birds, certain fish, gerbils, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, Malayan box turtles, rabbits, and red-eared terrapins. Remember not to rear banned pets such as hedgehogs, bearded dragons, sugar gliders, snakes and crocodilian reptiles.

Living Near Green Spaces in Singapore

property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-bishab-ang-mo-kio-park (1)
Aerial view of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.
Last but not least, you’d also want to add living near green spaces as one of your prime considerations. Being near Singapore’s green lungs and removing any inertia of going for a stroll, jog or cycle could really boost up your health and activity levels. Plus, it’s a great family activity and a great way to reduce stress!
It’s easy to identify these green spaces on the HDB Map. They’re literally green patches!
We’re also cognizant of the fact that nature goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. Hence, we launched the PropertyGuru Green Score to help you suss out properties with good and excellent eco-friendly ratings.
HDB has also been busy building properties with ‘chio’ green roofs, community gardens and shady areas for residents to enjoy the outdoors without burning in Singapore’s scorching heat. These are also fitted with eco-friendly features, like a massive green deck, proximity to parks, smart eco features to reduce energy consumption, a high green plot ratio to maximise shade, and others.

Where To Live in Singapore?

While we’d like to call this a definitive guide to deciding where to live in Singapore, it all boils down to your own needs and priorities. For instance, if you have a limited budget and need more space, you might forgo buying an HDB flat near an MRT station.
You might also have other personal requirements. Maybe you’re really particular about your HDB block being painted a particular colour, or you’re adamant about staying in one of the tallest HDB blocks in Singapore. There are also plenty of people who don’t like living next to a hospital, and there’s a long-running joke about the ‘rogue’ happenings of Yishun.
The good thing about using HDB Map in tandem with deciding where you wanna live is that you can check out what’s in the neighbourhood, apart from all the necessary housing and carpark information.
Good luck with finding your future home!
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More FAQs About HDB Map in Singapore

The HDB Centralised Map is how some people refer to the HDB Map Services portal, as it is a centralised integrated map portal using the centralised OneMap, which is used across the Singapore Government.

To look at flat age using HDB maps, click on the block on the map or enter the postal code in the search bar. You will see the flat’s lease start date, lease duration and remaining lease information.

The HDB Map runs on OneMap, which is the authoritative national map of Singapore with the most detailed and timely updated information developed by the Singapore Land Authority. The information is contributed by government agencies.