Pet-friendly Housing in Singapore: Everything You Need To Know

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Pet-friendly Housing in Singapore: Everything You Need To Know
A 24-pound ball of fur is commonly considered a man’s best friend for its selfless loyalty, resiliency and companionship. Today’s Millennials value this emotional connection and support; they prefer to put their pets above all else when buying or renting a home.
Finding that pet-friendly abode in Singapore, whether you live in HDB’s or private condos come with a set of challenges like space, proximity to dog parks, vets, and abiding with pet-policies on top of your landlord’s wishes.
Here are some tips to help you find a new pet-friendly residence in Singapore:

1. How to find a pet-friendly home or flat?

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Allow as much time as possible for research. This is important not just for your peace of mind, but also to ensure that your snuggle ball stays happy and healthy.
  • Research animal-friendly listings and licensed property agents using online classified ads on sites like PropertyGuru or query them via AskGuru.
  • Contact friends, family and expatriate groups using networking sites and social media to find a fur-friendly neighbourhood or pet-loving landlords. A direct connection with a landlord, always makes matters easier.
  • Find out which animal breeds are allowed in an HDB versus a private condominium or landed property. HDB’s have the strictest restrictions when it comes to pets. You are not allowed to own not more than one animal as a pet and cats are technically illegal in HDBs.
  • Lastly, ensure that all necessary amenities are close by such as pet stores, vets and open spaces like a beach or a park, so you and your pooch can enjoy some freedom to run and play.

2. What are the rules and restrictions of keeping a pet?

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Legal responsibilities take top priority when you own a pet.
  • The Animals and Birds Act specifies your designated bird/ dog or pet should be registered and microchipped to conform with the standards of the International Organization Standardization(ISO).
  • Under the Dog licensing and control rules, all dogs must be licensed for rabies control by the age of 3 months. If you fail to comply with the legal requirements of microchipping and licensing, you could attract a fine of up to $5000.
  • There are 62 breeds of dogs that are officially permitted, for other types of pets, you can find the list here.
  • Recently there has been one exception to the rule since March 1, 2020. The Housing Board (HDB) flat owners can now adopt bigger dogs under a government scheme that has revised the size criteria for rehoming local mixed-breed canines.
  • Note:Dogs up to 55cm tall, with no weight limit, can be rehomed to HDB flats under Project Adore, as per the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS).
You can own up to 3 pets in a landed property. However, in the case of condos, the management committees decide which type of pets are allowed in apartments and which parts of the condo can be accessed by them.
These rules are just to name a few. To determine that you are an eligible pet-owner, take a look at the checklist by the National Parks Board (NParks).

3. How to rent with pets?

It is undeniable that pets shed a lot of fur on the furniture and can sometimes even cause damage to the furniture. So it’s wiser to rent partially furnished or unfurnished homes over fully furnished ones.
  • Floors made of tiles, concrete, and masonry, as well as floorboards, are easy to mop and wipe clean. Consider looking for such flooring when choosing a new home.
  • Be prepared and willing to pay a reasonable extra amount in rent or in the refundable security deposit to ensure that the property is protected against any damages caused by your pet. Sometimes written proof that your dog has completed a training class, and a letter from the vet showing your pet is spayed or neutered and is up-to-date on vaccines, can be very reassuring for landlords.
  • Get everything on paper in your TA (Tenancy Agreement). Some landlords may agree to your pet when you sign the Letter of Intent (LOI) with a deposit. But if the lease says “no pets allowed”, it should never be signed, even if other pets are seen on the property, or if a realtor, manager or landlord says it’s OK. The only words that matter are the ones written in the lease. Pet-related clauses are usually a supplementary document to the TA contract.

4. Which are the most popular pet-friendly Condominiums and HDBs in Singapore?

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Some sought-after pet-friendly condominiums are:
  1. The Sound (East coast road)
  2. Costa Del Sol (ECP)
  3. The Bayshore (ECP)
  4. Mandarin Gardens (ECP)
  5. Condos around Fort Road and Meyer Road (Katong)
  6. The Sail@Marina Bay (Marina Boulevard)
  7. Nouvel 18 (Anderson Road)
  8. Leonie Condotel (Leonie Hill Road)
  9. Orchard Scotts (Anthony Road)
  10. The Clift (McCallum Street)
  11. J Gateway (Gateway drive)
  12. Braddell Heights Estate
  13. Reflections at Keppel Bay
  14. Optima (Tanah Merah)
  15. Gem residences located between Lorong 4 and Lorong 6 Tao Payoh, makes it an appealing property for pet-lovers because it has a swimming pool specially set aside for pets!
Whereas some favoured pet-friendly HDB locales are the ones situated around popular pet parks in Singapore:
  1. Bishan, around Ang Mo Kio Park.
  2. Clementi Woods (West coast road)
  3. Mariam way (Old Tampines Road)
  4. Jalan Selamat and Lengkong Tujuh
Singapore has somestringent pet-related regulations, but once these are taken care of, pet owners and their pets can find abundant activity parks and pet-friendly locales to spend quality times together!
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