Nature Parks in Singapore: Condominiums near 7 Popular Green Spaces to Live in (2021)

Cheryl Chiew
Nature Parks in Singapore: Condominiums near 7 Popular Green Spaces to Live in (2021)
Living near a nature park in Singapore can be a gamechanger to how you live. Yeah, we live in a “Garden City” and we’re not deprived of being close to nature. But having a park at your doorstep? That means sunset strolls through greenery after work, weekend picnics with your besties, and a calm place to retreat to whenever you feel stressed from work.
Our observations in our Singapore Consumer Sentiment Study H2 2020 on property buyer behaviour have mostly been accurate. Having to work from home has also affected the way we shop for homes in 2021. More are purchasing bigger spaces and quieter neighbourhoods that are closer to green spaces too.
In this article, we’ve included the following nature parks in Singapore:
  • Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park (Central)
  • MacRitchie Reservoir Park (Central)
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (Central)
  • Jurong Lake Gardens (West)
  • Coney Island Park (North-East)
  • East Coast Park (East)
With the number of condo resale units hitting an 11-year high and more Singapore residents living in a condo now, as compared to a decade ago, we’ve decided to focus on condos in this guide. If you’d like to hop onto the bandwagon and reap the benefits of living near nature, take a look at these condominiums near these 7 parks across the island.
*There are many condos built around these seven nature parks in Singapore. This is not an exhaustive list of condos near major nature parks in Singapore.

1. Condos to Stay Near Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-bishab-ang-mo-kio-park (2)
The Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park at sunset.
Stretching over 3km, the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is one of central Singapore’s largest urban parks. If taking your dog to the dog run and picnicking on open lawns is what you consider an ideal weekend, living near the park could suit your lifestyle needs.
property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-bishab-ang-mo-kio-park (1)
Aerial view of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.
The nearest MRT stations are Ang Mo Kio and Bishan MRT. If you’d rather live in an HDB and on a high floor, consider the DBSS Natura Loft. The 40-floor high building is an HDB flat over 30 storeys that have spectacular views of the city and park.
If not, here are three condominium projects bordering Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park you can consider.
Condominiums to Stay Near Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
Price per square foot
$676.88 to $1,630.55
$1,147.54 to $1,745.40
$847.46 to $1,466.99
Browse Thomson Grand, Clover by the Park, and The Gardens at Bishan units for sale on PropertyGuru.

2. Condos to Stay Near Singapore Botanic Gardens

property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-botanic-gardens (1)
During pre-COVID-19 times, many would gather to listen to live orchestral performances at the Symphony Stage on weekends.
If you haven’t been to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, you’re missing out. At the UNESCO World Heritage site, you can watch the swans glide through the water at The Swan Lake, learn about spices and herbs, take a walk through some of the tallest trees in Asia, admire more than 1,000 species of orchids and hybrids at the National Orchid Garden, and more.
property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-botanic-gardens (2)
The Sundial Garden in the Singapore Botanic Gardens has an ‘accidentally Wes Anderson’ air to it.
Properties in the Bukit Timah neighbourhood consists of predominantly landed property and freehold condominiums. Prices for properties in the neighbourhood don’t come cheap so do be prepared to fork out a substantial sum to live here.
We narrowed down the list to feature condominiums 800 metres or less from the Singapore Botanic Gardens and built 20 years ago or less ago, with available apartments for sale at the point of writing.
Condominiums to Stay Near Botanic Gardens
Price per square foot
$1,825.22 to $2,387.27
$2,326.45 to $2,960.63
$1,633.71 to $2,914.39
$2,425.99 to $3,727.81
$2,180.97 to $2,834.47
$1,383.33 to $2,109.70
$1,222.49 to $1,944.32
$1,865.56 to $5,573.60
$1,685.16 to $2,092.87
$3,420.96 to $4,027.75
$1,748.63 to $2,000.00
$2,159.29 to $2,402.88
$2,632.69 to $3,085.55
$1,619.05 to $2,098.36
$1,699.75 to $1,924.63
$1,803.38 to $2,33.97
$1,536.94 to $2,653.40
$921.88 to $1,555.89

3. Condos to Stay Near MacRitchie Reservoir Park

property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-macritchie (3)
View from one of the lookout points at MacRitchie Reservoir Park.
If you love hiking, you’ll be familiar with MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Along its numerous trails, you can spot migratory bird species, monitor lizards, monkeys and other fauna. This nature park in Singapore is large enough to host many people without visitors feeling like it’s too crowded.
property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-macritchie (1)
The MacRitchie TreeTop Walk is closed for maintenance works, which are slated for completion by Q3 2021.
The below condominiums are 1km or less from the Windsor Nature Park Entrance. That’s the nearest carpark where you can access the trail to the MacRitchie TreeTop walk.
These properties are also 2km or less away from the nearby Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. So depending on your mood, you can visit either green space. If you have primary school-aged children, know that living in one of these estates may put you within a 2km radius of the nearby Ai Tong School.
Condominiums to Stay Near MacRitchie Reservoir Park
Price per square foot
$1,675.39 to $1,780.10
$937.88 to $1,778.39
$1,698.30 to $2,278.48
property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-macritchie (2)
The MacRitchie Reservoir Park has numerous trails for you to explore.
At the MacRitchie Reservoir Park along Lornie Road, which is located at the other side of the park, there are mostly landed private properties available. Those who love indoor plants will be familiar with the row of florist and plant shops that line Thomson Road.
If you would prefer to live on this side of MacRitchie Reservoir, you can check out Thomson 800 units for sale on PropertyGuru.

4. Condos to Stay Near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-bukit-timah-nature-reserve (2)
Quarry at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the island’s largest surviving primary rainforest. This nature park in Singapore has one of the most diverse ecological systems in the world. That’s why the reserve is popular with bird-watchers, who come in the mornings with their binoculars and huge camera lenses.
property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-bukit-timah-nature-reserve (1)
Take a hike up Buki Timah Hill, 163.63m above sea level.
Properties near the fringe of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve tend to be landed properties. But there are quite a few condominiums 800m or less from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Centre entrance at Hindhede Drive and entrance closer to Mayfair Park.
Psst: if you love rooftop infinity pools, you’ll want to check out Jardin!
Condominiums to Stay Near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Price per square foot
$788.15 to $858.65
$1,145.67 to $1,457.88
$1,058.32 to $1,092.90
$1,254.71 to $1,891.03
$1,704.56 to $2,003.64
$1,735.48 to $1,747.79
$1,343.78 to $1,633.71
$1,505.38 to $2,459.02
For properties closer to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Centre entrance at Hindhede Drive, browse Radiance at Bukit Timah, Mont Timah, The Raintree, Southaven I and Southaven II units for sale on PropertyGuru.
For properties closer to Mayfair Park, browse Suites de Laurel, Jardin, The Blossomvale, Gardenvista, King Alber Park Residences, The Sterling, and Bukit View units for sale on PropertyGuru.

5. Condos to Stay Near Jurong Lake Gardens

property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-Jurong-lake-gardens (2)
Jog along the many paths that wind through the Jurong Lake Gardens.
Jurong Lake Garden comprises the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, Jurong Lake and various trails and amenities. It’s a popular spot in the west, especially during the mid-autumn and Chinese New Year periods.
property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-Jurong-lake-gardens (1)
Distinctive Chinese- and Japanese-style architecture can be found throughout the park.
Currently, the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, part of the Lakeside Garden, are closed for redevelopment. Upgrading works will be progressively completed from 2021 onwards. Till then, we’ll eagerly anticipate retreating to the green sanctuary for an evening jog or walk again.
Condominiums to Stay Near Chinese Garden
Price per square foot
$1,478.35 to $1,923.08
$1,321.00 to $2,205.70
$1,103.45 to $1,195.95
$1,032.83 to $1,731.60
$967.18 to $1,775.31
$1,049.71 to $1,277.58
$987.39 to $1,153.47
$787.40 to $1,200.75
$713.87 to $899.10
$562.58 to $802.62
$929.43 to $1,070.86
$1,482.21 to $1,801.68
$929.51 to $960.77
$1,000.00 to $1,176.47
$912.80 to $1,161.71
$1,103.45 to $1,195.95

6. Condos to Stay Near Coney Island Park

Source: The Smart Local
Coney Island is a 133-hectare island also known as Pulau Serangoon. There are two entrances to Coney Island, each on either end of the park. With its coastal forests, casuarina woodlands, mangroves and grasslands, the park has a diverse variety of habitats that offer visitors an atypical nature experience in Singapore.
Source: Lhuwenkai
Those who choose to live near Coney Island Park will be familiar with the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk that borders the park. There are nice cafes and bars you can check out.
The up-and-coming Punggol neighbourhood is not as densely packed as other mature estates, and there aren’t HDB BTO flats or condominium developments clustered around Coney Island. So, we chose these properties that are less than 2km from the Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk.
Condominiums to Stay Near Coney Island Park
Price per square foot
$950.00 to $1,168.57
$749.88 to $1,067.64
$725.21 to $1,129.77
$869.67 to $1,578.87
$824.28 to $1,167.11

The Amore, RiverParc Residence, FLO Residence, River Isles, and Waterbay units for sale on PropertyGuru.

7. Condos to Stay Near East Coast Park

East Coast Park Singapore.
Stretching over 15km, East Coast Park is built on reclaimed land on the southeastern coast. Aside from the usual cyclists and rollerbladers, you can find wakeboarders doing stunts at the Singapore Wake Park right next to the East Coast Lagoon Food Village.
To appeal to the Siglap/Joo Chiat/Katong crowd, several more upscale restaurants like PS.Cafe have set up shop in the park.
property-near-popular-parks-in-singapore-east-coast-park (2)
View of East Coast Park from the sea with condominiums along the waterfront.
East Coast Park is a hotspot for private property due to the demand for waterfront living. At least a hundred condominiums dot the length of the park. If we listed all those condominiums, your thumbs would be sore before you scrolled through the entire list. But the upside is that there are many affordable condos in the East Coast Park area you can rent for $2,500 or less.
So we narrowed it down to condominiums that are less than 800 metres from the park and built 20 years or less ago. Arranged by year of completion are the following condominiums near East Coast Park, with available units for purchase at the time of writing.
Condominiums to Stay Near East Coast Park
Price per square foot
$1,750 to $2,654.87
$1,488.33 to $2,382.02
$1,737.16 to $2,314.99
$2,362.20 to $2,692.31
$1,875.53 to $2,507.37
$2,000.00 to $2,736.49
$1,312.52 to $1,858.30
$1,495.90 to $1,881.30
$1,666.67 to $2,439.94
$1,569.65 to $3,251.80
$1,945.53 to $2,830.12
$1,413.43 to $1,789.79
$1,124.68 to $1,557.20
$1,378.30 to $1,952.18
$1,903.23 to $2,960.69
$1,775.18 to $1,779.76
$1,039.86 to $1,453.53
$1,701.12 to $1,975.64
$1,453.31 to $2,463.27
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More FAQs about Condominiums Near Nature Parks in Singapore

Depending on the location and size of the condo, prices for a two-room unit can start at $800,000. If you’re planning to buy a resale condo, here’s how.

Le Regal, Parc Rosewood and The Hillford are some of the most affordable condos. If you’re price-conscious, check out these 9 resale condominiums under $1.5 million.

Some popular parks include the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

East Coast Park, Singapore Botanic Gardens, and Coney Island Park are scenic spots that are popular with picnic-goers.