Plant Nursery in Singapore: 6 Benefits Of Keeping Indoor Plants

Cheryl Chiew
Plant Nursery in Singapore: 6 Benefits Of Keeping Indoor Plants
Growing various plants along HDB corridors is no longer the exclusive domain of ‘ahmas’ and old uncles. 2020 was the year that saw Singaporeans flock to local plant nurseries to purchase indoor plants.
Fuelled by the need to stay indoors due to COVID-19 and encouraged by aesthetic #indoorjungle pictures on Instagram, millennials lead the pack when it comes to plant parenthood. The explanation why is, perhaps, best encapsulated in this Bernie Sanders meme:
For those interested in rearing indoor plants but need the push to start, here is a list of benefits that will hopefully convince you to head to the nearest plant nursery.
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1. Nurturing Plants Can Give You Therapeutic Release

Humans have the innate need to nurture. To scratch that itch, some have pets, others have potted plants. Watching new leaves sprout and taking time to care for another living thing can be highly fulfilling.
Some medical clinics in Manchester have even ‘prescribed plants’ as ‘treatment’ to patients who exhibit signs of depression or anxiety.

2. Satisfying Your Need to Connect with Nature

When you see your plant-obsessed friend posting they’ve bought their 1000th plant on IG, they have not gone crazy. They could be fulfilling their biophilic tendencies.
Biophilia is defined as humanity’s “innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes.” We are drawn to and have an affinity for nature. We incorporate biophilic design into our homes by growing indoor plants and sate our desires to be close to nature. In turn, this translates to a host of benefits.

3. Cleaning Your Indoor Air with Indoor Plants for Better Air

Air-purifying plants can absorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful indoor airborne toxins. VOCs come from everyday household items such as perfumes, cleaning agents and air fresheners. By filtering our air and releasing oxygen, plants can improve the air quality of our homes.
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The snake plant (dracaena trifasciata) is a plant that helps purify the air

4. Looking at Houseplants Can Reduce Stress and Mental Fatigue

The next time you feel overwhelmed, try taking 20 minutes to tend to your plants and give your eyes a break from staring at computer screens. Additionally, this deliberate act of slowing down can reduce mental fatigue.

5. Having Indoor Greenery Can Improve Your Mood

Specifically, looking at green plants can improve your mood and perceived comfort levels. If you’re not ready to commit to a full-on plant jungle, placing a few potted plants throughout your home works too. Plus, indoor plants are an affordable, renter-friendly way to add warmth and homeliness to your living space.

6. Having Plants in Your Home Office Can Increase Your Attention Capacity

While the Singapore government has announced up to 75% of staff can return to their workplace at any one time, flexible work from home arrangements are likely here to stay. Having a houseplant in your workspace can increase your attention capacity. By extension, your productivity is likely to improve.
But keeping a photograph of a plant or a plastic plant on your desk doesn’t have the same effect. One more reason to head to the plant nursery!
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Anthuriums and philodendrons are some popular ‘It’ plants

Plant Nursery in Singapore

Before you buy, assess your home environment to determine what types of houseplants will thrive in it. First-time plant parents might want to pick hardy indoor varieties such as the ‘monstera deliciosa’ and ZZ plant. Those who want to give urban farming a go can head to plant nurseries for herbs and other edibles.
Plant Nursery in Singapore
World Farm (Hua Hng Trading)
15 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769962
Candy Floriculture
567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183
The Nursery Singapore
326 King George’s Avenue, King George Building, Singapore 208567

1. World Farm Co Pte Ltd (Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd)

World Farm
World Farm (or Hua Hng) is one of the largest plant nurseries in Singapore. Prices are more affordable than many nurseries. Beginner indoor plant growers will be able to find everything from succulents to orchids here. But if you are looking for rare varieties, you might be better off at a specialised store.
World Farm Co Pte Ltd Address: 15 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769962
World Farm Co Pte Ltd Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday), 9am to 1pm (Sunday)

2. Candy Floriculture

Candy Horticulture
Candy Floriculture is located on the far right side of the Thomson nursery stretch. They import bonsai Japanese bonsai varieties like black pine and shimpaku. Tucked at the back of the store is a cold room that stocks wholesale fresh flowers. You can also find succulents and edible plants like chilli padi here.
Candy Floriculture Address: 567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183
Candy Floriculture Opening Hours: 8am to 7.30pm, daily (including public holidays)

3. The Nursery Singapore

The Nursery Singapore
The Nursery Singapore is the artisan plant nursery for d’ FLORAL SENSE. It’s probably what plant enthusiasts would term ‘plant heaven’. Here, you can find popular indoor plants like fiddle-leaf figs of varying sizes.
The Nursery Singapore Address: 326 King George’s Avenue, King George Building, Singapore 208567
The Nursery Singapore Opening Hours: 7pm to 10pm (Monday to Friday), 12pm to 10pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Benefits of Keeping Plants at Home

While there are various benefits of keeping houseplants, do not be too hasty to purchase one. Though plants do not need as much attention as pets, they are still a living thing you have to care for. If you have black thumbs but still want to reap the benefits of living near nature, going to a nearby park will have to do.
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Other FAQ about Indoor Plants and More

Snake plant, ZZ plant, aloe vera, Japanese bird’s nest fern and spider plant.

Generally, you want hardy, allergy-friendly plants that can grow in dim-light conditions. Monstera plants (humidifies air), rubber plant and peace lily (grows well in dim rooms) are some options.

If you have pets, check that your plants are non-toxic. The spider plant, parlor palm, and bird’s nest fern are some pet-friendly plants.

Beginners can start with long beans, kailan, chye sim, brinjal and kangkong.