HDB BTO February 2023: The 3 Announced Estates and Where We Hope the BTOs Will Be

Mary Wu
HDB BTO February 2023: The 3 Announced Estates and Where We Hope the BTOs Will Be
Update: This article was written before the locations of the February 2023 BTO sites were announced. For updated information on the released site locations, read our in-depth review of the February 2023 BTO launches here.
HDB announced its August 2022 BTO exercise (applications close on 5 September 2022, 11.59pm, so go, go, go!) at literally the eleventh hour, the second-last day of August. And we know that means this launch will also reveal the exact sites for the November 2022 BTO launches, as well as a sneak peek of February 2023’s estates.

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Just so you know, HDB has announced three estates for its Feb 2023 HDB BTO launch. It will offer about 2,900 to 3,900 units of BTO flats in towns/estates such as Kallang Whampoa, Queenstown and Tengah.
As usual, this isn’t yet set in stone. There are occasions where HDB has changed some of the launch sites or even postponed launches if needed. So yes, the number of BTO units is subject to review as more project details will be firmed up closer to the upcoming November 2022 HDB BTO launch date.
Location of Feb 2023 BTOHDB flat type
Kallang/Whampoa2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-room
Queenstown3-/ 4-room
Tengah2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-/ 5-room
Total unitsAbout 2,900 to 3,900
Okay, so first impressions. The upcoming November 2022 Queenstown BTO launch is likely to fall under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model. And maybe Kallang/Whampoa too, but what are the odds of both mature town launches being PLH with no ‘normal’ mature town launches?
It’s also nice to see Tengah back on the list of BTO offerings. Tengah didn’t appear in the initial announcement for the upcoming Nov 2022 BTO launch but it has ‘magically’ joined the list. So, we’d likely be seeing the launch of flats in two mature estates and one non-mature estate.
Given that there are currently only three announced towns for the upcoming Feb 2023 HDB BTO launch, we’re expecting more towns to be announced later, or more than one site in say, Tengah.
Alrighty, before any #spoileralerts, let’s get down to business and try to pinpoint the upcoming sites for the upcoming February 2023 HDB BTO launches. This we do with the help of the URA Masterplan and Google Maps.
If you’d like to check out our previous guesses (and see how accurate we’ve been), take a look here:
Disclaimer: The plots featured below are empty sites marked for residential use. They may or may not be the actual sites for the upcoming February 2023 BTO flats.

Kallang/Whampoa (2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-room)

Will the Feb 2023 Kallang/Whampoa HDB BTO be PLH flats as well? Previously, for the Feb 2022 launch in this town, King George Heights came under the PLH model.
The units launched will be 2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-room, which are typical for a mature estate and PLH model units. Therefore we’re guessing that the plot of land needed won’t be very big – and even if it is, there might be a future HDB BTO launch that’ll share the same plot.
Source: HDB
You might have seen that in the upcoming November 2022 HDB BTO exercise, the Kallang/Whampoa HDB BTO launch is the plot of land just smack dab in front of Kallang MRT station.
We’ve been monitoring this area for some time now and kept it as one of our guesses for the next plausible Kallang/Whampoa HDB BTO location… Looks like it has finally happened!
Turning our attention to the other spaces available for development in this HDB town, there are a few empty lots near Farrer Park and Little India MRT stations. These lots are along Race Course Road, bordered by Hampshire Road and Gloucester Road.
Source: Google Maps
Source: URA Space
They are also super near to amenities like City Square Mall, Mustafa Centre and Farrer Park Hospital, as well as many trendy cafes. For local fare, the old-school Pek Kio Food Centre at Cambridge Road is just a short bus ride away.
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Queenstown (3-/ 4-room)

Back in the land of ‘royalty’, we are. The last launch in the estate was the May 2022 Ghim Moh Ascent HDB BTO flats, known for its proximity to ‘branded’ schools like Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).
And yes, the May 2022 Queenstown HDB BTO launch came under the PLH model as well.
For the Feb 2023 Queenstown HDB BTO launch, we’re looking at 3-/ 4-room units. So, where are the 2-room Flexi flats? Since Queenstown is a mature estate and there are many elderly folk in this area, it won’t be a surprise if this launch caters to them.
Source: HDB
But do you see just how many Queenstown launches there will be during the Nov 2022 HDB BTO exercise? We’ll see 3- and 4-room flats near Dover MRT station, 2-room Flexi, 3-, and 4-room units near Buona Vista MRT station, and a project that has a mix of 3- and 4-room units, and Community Care Apartments.
These Community Care Apartments are bear the fire station and Alexandra Hospital, with another proposed hospital to be built in the area.
Source: HDB
So, where do we think the Feb 2023 Queenstown HDB BTOs will be? Intially, we were considering this empty plot around Stirling Road.
Source: HDB
But there are surrounding low-rise flats around the plot, which are actually one of the first few HDB flats ever built. We’re unsure if HDB would build a massively tall flat right smack in the middle of a bunch of flats built in the 1960s.
Maybe they would just ‘SERS the area first?
Looking back at the map, there’s another plot of land close by, along Mei Chin Road. It seems like a feasible plot of land and it’s nearby the initial plot of land we picked.
Source: Google Maps
On the URA Masterplan, it’s demarcated as "Residential", but its status reads “subject to detailed planning”.
Previously, it seems like there was a school sitting on that particular plot of land. A search on the MOE website didn’t elicit any results, so we take it that the school campus is now out of commission, and the adjacent empty field is no longer being used for school sports.
In any case, this would be a great location for the Feb 2023 Queenstown HDB BTO flats. It’s really close to the famous Mei Ling Street market as well as other cool Queenstown cafes and eateries. Those who buy flats at this site are also close to the upcoming Nov 2022 Queenstown HDB BTO with Community Care Apartments, so they can be close to their elderly loved ones!
Guess we’ll see how things go in about six months!
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Tengah (2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-/ 5-room)

Last but not least, we’re back in the Forest Town of Tengah, a new HDB town that is planned to be ‘car-lite’. Tengah will also have its very own MRT line, the Jurong Region Line (JRL), a car-free area, and gardening plots.
For the November 2022 HDB BTO launch, there will be over 2,000 units across two plots of land, right beside the Pan-Island Expressway that separates Tengah from Jurong West. These units will also be really close to the upcoming Hong Kah MRT Station on the Jurong Region Line.
Source: HDB
When looking at Tengah, it’s a matter of just seeing which plots will be filled next as it’s like an empty book with planned chapters and sections.
For February 2023, we could be looking at the plot just beside the Nov 2022 BTOs, along the PIE and Tengah Garden Avenue / Plantation Loop.
Source: URA
However, it does look to be a rather large development, as there are 2-room Flexi/ 3-/ 4-/ 5-room configurations.
Thus, another plausible (and larger) plot could be further north.
Source: URA
This plot may be a little less convenient for those driving via the PIE, but likely a whole lot more peaceful (unless you like the constant sound of cars zooming by, which in all fairness, can be comforting white noise).
We’ll see what pans out when the announcement comes in November!
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More FAQs About Upcoming BTO Projects

Not yet, but soon. The first Tengah BTO flats are slated for completion in 2023. That’s just next year!

There are four BTO launches in a year: February, May, August and November.

According to a Straits Times article, the drop-out rate at each HDB BTO exercise is around 40%. Some projects may have a lower drop-out rate, such as 20%.

Yes. You can submit your BTO application under the Fiance/Fiancee scheme.