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It is not as simple as you mentioned as HDB will still need to assess your mother's ability to finance the HDB flat.

While you may transfer your HDB flat to your mother, this is provided she meets HDB's eligibility conditions. You may refer to HDB's link here: https://www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/residential/living-in-an-hdb-flat/changing-owners-occupiers/change-in-ownership/transfer-of-flat-ownership/eligibility

You mother must also return the CPF amount used plus accrued interest that you have used towards the current HDB flat. On top of that, she must be able to able to service the mortgage.

On your end, you must settle any outstanding amounts to HDB such as fire insurance premium, late payment charges or bill charges before the application for transfer can be considered.

Hope this answers your question.

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D. Kumar
Hi there,

Thank you very much for your query.
I believe any advise or computation rendered here , would be largely brief and generic. To be able to ascertain a detailed response to your questions , I would best like to speak more in detail to chart out an overall plan, at no obligation.
Based on the financial calculation status , funds on hand and your preferences in mind , I would be in a better stead to advise you (with.a detailed financial plan illustrated) . I do manage assets and create wealth diversification via investment portfolios for my clients and would be more than glad to be able to assist you likewise. Preliminary steps would often entail getting an insight to the market outlooks, understanding the options at hand and studying the entire transaction caveat reports ; which I will generate for your perusal to view in your free time- which will include tailor made options for you (% gain, rental yield, rentability report etc).

Do contact me for a further discussion. Thank you!
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Geryl Lim
Dear madam,

The key is if your mum and dad is able to obtain the necessary financing (loan) to take over your share of the ownership, based on their income.

Although as you mentioned that you can rent out the rooms to do the monthly repayment, HDB or bank will still require to assess the financial aspect for this transfer to take place. I certainly think it will be great to check with HDB directly on this matter so they can make the necessary assessment of the situation, and if required, put in the appeal to have this approved before looking at other options.

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Taufik Hussein
Your situation is complex but common problem amongst Singaporeans that own HDB with their parents. You can transfer ownership to your mom but there are 2 restrictions that might stop you from doing so:
1) Is your mom eligible to obtain a loan (either with HDB or bank) or your dad to finance the flat?(The new loan structure can no longer be under your name as you are no longer the owner)
2) Your mom have to pay you back all CPF + Accrued Interest that you has used up for the flat so far. (Even if you intent it as a gift)
In a scenario both your parents pass away, you can retain the flat and add your husband as a co-owner (buy purchasing your share of the flat). Alternatively, you can also include your husband only as occupier buy not owner as you are the sole owner. Thirdly the most obvious solution is to sell the flat after their demise. This is assuming the flat is under joint tenantship (common way of holding properties amongst families) where the surviving party will take over 100% share of the house if the other party pass away. If it is under tenancy in common, then the share of the flat will be distributed according to inheritance law and if it is decided all the new owners are not eligible to hold on the the flat under HDB rule, HDB will require the flat to be sold off. As you can see, these kinds of situations are very complex and require various possible options to be considered if you are in dire need to purchase a flat with your husbands. Do contact me at 93375051 for a free and non obligatory discussions on this. I will advise you on the possible options available based on your circumstances.
Taufik Hussein
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Robbie Chen Chee Howe
Hi Mdm,

You could withdraw your name from your current flat, but the cost of transfer may not make it worthwhile as you will need to refund back the CPF that you paid towards the flat.

From your scenario, I could think of 2 other options which you may consider. However, I will need to understand more from you before I can be sure if these 2 options are feasible for you or not.

I am experienced and well-versed in both private and HDB resale transactions. I will be able to assist you in your housing plans. Please get in touch with me for further in-depth discussion.

Should you need require further assistance in matters relating to property, please contact me at my mobile 9748 6305. I will be happy to assess and share with you the possibilities for you in the current market.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Robbie Chen
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Ling CK

1) Transfer of ownership: This is a sale process and not merely change of name. Implications are as such:
a) If it is fully paid by cash. You may charge your mom & dad free-of-charge, by giving them as gift.
b) If you had utilise CPF, means you have to pay back CPF inclusive of principal & interest. You can't apply for loan to pay back.
c) Easiest way is your parents has the finacial capaility (based on their CPF + monthly salary) to apply for suffcient loan to takeover your share. Bank or HDB loan will pay back your CPF and cash if there are any.

2) The following are the obstacles in your transfer of ownership:
a) Your parents do not have sufficient financial capacity to takeover
b) You current depends on your CPF + cash (if there are any) to pay monthly installment
c) You do not have sufficient cash to fully cover yuor share.

3) Scenario when both your parents pass away.
a) As you & your hubby are officially married, in the eye of HDB, both of you are considered as a single entity. Since you own shares in current flat thus your hubby cannot own another HDB flat.
b) Once you inherit parents HDB flat, it has to be sold upon court order is disseminated.

Hope the above answer to your main concerns, but if there are more queries, please feel free to contact me at 90110636, or email: ling.ck7@gmail.com if more information is needed.
I'll be glad to assist.

Best regards
Ling CK

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