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Ivan Ng

Which areas will you be keen on? It is likely for your size n budget requirements, you have to consider outer region condos like east/west or north regions, and its more likely resale condos.

May I know is there an area or condo project you are particularly interested in? Will be glad to share with you a detailed analysis of the area. Thanks and hope to speak to you soon.

Warm regards,
Ivan ERA
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Aaron Chong
Hi, do you want to consider property at Geylang district? It would be below your budget and what's more, they are Freehold.

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Vera Wang

There are definitely properties out there within your budget and requirements. But before you jump in, there are some things to take note.

As a SPR, other than Buyer Stamp Duty (BSD) of 3% of the purchase price, you will incur another 5% Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) if this is your first property.

Breakdown of amount needed to purchase 850k property:

Downpayment of 20%
- 5% - $42,500 (cash)
- 15% - $127,500 (cash + CPF)

8% BSD + ABSD - $68,000
Legal fees - approx. 2.5k to 3k

Given a combined total of 180k in cash and CPF, you may have some shortfall for the stamp duty. It would also be good to find out from a banker on your loan amount if you have yet to do so. Feel free to let me know if you require one.

I would suggest you get a good agent to sit down with you and work out your options with you. Feel free to contact me if you require more information.

Vera Wang
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Karrien N. Chan
A very good day to you,

Based on the information you have provided and assuming it’s your first property as SPR, you may consider a condo of up to $650,000. For $850,000 property, estimated $235,000 in cash and CPF would be required.

My group has the following resale condo <$900K Negotiable for your consideration:
D12 AIRSTREAM FH/2014 STUDIO LF 334sf $580,000
D14 ROYCE RESIDENCES 1BR HF 398sf $615,000
D17 PALM ISLES 99/2015 1BR TF 516sf $668,000
D17 PLM ISLES 99/205 1BR HF 516sf $700,000
D25 THE WOODGROVE 99/1998 2+1BR HF 872sf $780,000
D18 ME LVILLE PARK 99/1996 LF 936sf $790,000
D19 VIBES @ KOVAN FH/2015 2BR MF 570sf $845,000
D18 MELVILLE PARK 99/1996 2BR HF 958sf $858,000
D23 PARKVIEW APARTMENT 2BR 99/1998 980sf $860,000
D18 TAMPINES COURT 99/1985 4BR HF 1700sf $868,000
D17 BLUWATERS 999/2007 2+1BR LF 797sf $880,000
D19 TERRASSE 99/2015 1BR LF 657sf $880,000
D18 NV RESIDENCE 99/2014 HF 764sf $900,000
D25 WOODSVALE 99/2001 HF 1313sf $900,000
D27 YISHUN EMERALD 99/2002 MF 1206sf $900,000

As we do not get prompted when you respond here, kindly contact us directly for additional query or friendly consultation.
Thank you and have a pleasant week ahead.

Warm Regards,
Karrien N. Chan
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