3 Answers

YT Tan (陈永达)
Good afternoon! I am more than willing to negotiate the pricing with the developer on your behalf. Which projects are you interested in? I can make the necessary arrangements and best deal for you. Cheers! YT Tan ECG Property 9111 5171 Yt.lovelyhomes@gmail.com
Carel Yong
Dear Sir/Mdm, in this current market, as long as buyers are sincere in purchasing, some developers may be willing to lower their prices to sell to them. However, how much discount also depends on holding power of developers. Recently just about 2 weeks back our colleagues have managed to achieve a sell out in one of a new launch with last few units all sold below list price! That means more discount applied to already discounted prices! As we often focus on dealing with developer sales units, we have certain tactics to to get greater discounts accompanied with buyers sincerity. Feel free to call me for a non obligation discussion. There will absolutely be NO charges involved :) Thanks for reading. Carel Yong, Propnex. Assoc Team Director. Mobile: 92273334
Aaron Chong
Hi, yes you are able to ask for more discount directly from the developer. It works like a resale unit and you may offer a price below the list price to the developer and they will get back to you on whether your offer has been accepted or rejected. I would very much love to assist you and pls feel free to let me know if you need any assistance. Regards Aaron 97308455 aaronchong2774@yahoo.com.sg