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Sharlene Lim SL
HI chiew hl
we need to do a financial plan so that you know how much cash on hand you will get. from there we can then plan if 600k is too much for you to manage. if yes or no,i can give solutions on what are the other options
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Eileen Lian
Hi Chiew,
The EM at AMK will probably fetch averagely around $600k+ now (looking at the latest caveat I have). It will be good to do a financial calculation first to determine the amount of CPF and cash proceeds you can get back.

For condo purchase, a first 1% deposit + 4% cash(within 2wks) is required (ie $30K based on $600k). You can support the remainder with CPF and bank loan.

Feel free to call me to discuss. No obligation.

Eileen Lian (www.EileenLian.com)
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