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Hi Mr Hems, would you be open to project that is still under construction or you looking at resale ppty. hope to hear from you soon, Kelvin, ERA 84282282  kelvinchen.era@gmail.com Read More
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    Hello Kelvin, I am okay with a soon to complete property or a resale property. Regards, Hemanth +6596200150 
Good Day Mr Hems, Just saw this posting, I may be totally wrong about this but perhaps my esteemed colleagues can also chip in with valuable inputs. It would be hard to get a 3 bedder condo under 700k that is going to TOP soon. In fact, getting a 3 bedder at that price is tricky; also challenging even for a 2 bedder due for completion soon. This is because I am sourcing for a one bedder at a budget of 850k. Probably older apt or condo. What I suggest is for a discussion on what are your housing needs, budget and objectives before taking an informed decision on the next course of action. Be amazed at what an professional realtor can provide for you. Let us help you. Cheers mate! Rdgs James Jose 9353 0099  (mobile) Read More