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Ander Ang
Hi Ng,

For the past 1 year, only 2 transactions were done for 5rm at Queen's Close.

May 2011: 5A (144sqm), #16-#20, sold at $700k.
Aug 2011: 5I (126sqm), #11-#15, sold at $675k.

Currently in the market, there is a blk 21 Queen's Close 5A (132sqm) unit, high floor, corner unit. The valuation is $620k, asking $80k COV.

Suppose your 5rm unit is also the same size/high floor as the one selling in the market, valuation should be ard $620k.

But if the size of your 5rm is same as the one transacted in May 2011 (144sqm), i would estimate the valuation to be $650k up.

Of course, the actual valuation will depend on the level, facing and condition of the unit.

With regards to COV, for queenstown area, we are definitely looking at $50k up. My strategy is always to set a higher selling price, depending on the response, then adjustment can be made.

Furthermore, you also need to do a quick calculation on the financial, think about the next accomodation, etc.

If you like what i written so far, appreciate you can call me at 96836230 to discuss. HDB resale market is facing a supply crunch, your flat will be in demand.

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