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Ivan Ng

The market sentiment appears to be a 5-8% correction for the year 2014, and the statistics seem to be pointing that way with 1-2% price drop of the HDB resale index for every quarter. I guess the more relevant question to ask is what is more important to the individual's plans, for example, am I compromising my children's chances of a good primary school education by waiting longer? It is difficult to time the market, maybe a useful way is to work out your finances first, and if an ideal unit comes along that works out to 5-10% lower than your expectations, you should give it a strong consideration. Will be glad to discuss more, thanks!

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Veronica Lim
Hi , well there is no right or wrong in terms of purchase/ Sales of properties. Basically it depends most is your needs and affordability since properties are illiquid isnt it?

Especially in this down turn market, everything has already fall this much . You may want to ask yourself this question, how much more do you think the market will fall before you make that final decision!

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