6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Use PropertyGuru Finance for Your Home Loan

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6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Use PropertyGuru Finance for Your Home Loan
Sourcing, applying for and managing a home loan can be a complicated affair, but thanks to PropertyGuru Finance, it does not have to be.
You already know that you can search for properties on PropertyGuru, but did you know that you can also shop and apply for home loans at the same time with PropertyGuru Finance? Aside from the home loan comparison tool (which lets you access the most competitive mortgage packages in the market), PropertyGuru Finance also offers a ton of home financing resources and guides to make buying property in Singapore easier, more transparent and less stressful.
Using PropertyGuru Finance’s many free tools, you can plan your finances, work out how much you can afford and even apply for In-Principal Approval (IPA), a home loan or a refinancing package.

In-Principle Approval (IPA)

Get your IPA to budget for your dream home confidently

You can also speak with a PropertyGuru Finance mortgage broker, who can give you unbiased and personalised advice about the best home loan package for your unique needs.

1. Access the Best Home Loans from All Major Banks in Singapore

When it comes to home loans, the first thing many of us look out for is the interest rate. Thus, PropertyGuru Finance has partnered with all of the major banks in Singapore to offer a fuss-free loan comparison tool, featuring the most competitive rates and promotions in the market.

Mortgage Comparison Tool

Find the best loans and interest rates from major banks

Partner banks include DBS, OCBC, Citibank, UOB, Standard Chartered, Maybank and more.
You can compare home loans across all these banks on one single page, making it easy and fast to do independent research. This also saves you from having to enquire at each of the banks individually.
If you prefer more guidance and bespoke advice, you can also seek help from a PropertyGuru Finance mortgage expert who can recommend a loan package that would be best suited to your unique financial situation.
By consulting a PropertyGuru Finance broker, you are assured of honest, unbiased advice and do not have to worry about being recommended a specific package solely for the commission.

2. Our Mortgage Brokers Have Decades of Experience

So who exactly are these mortgage experts? We’re proud to say that PropertyGuru Finance’s mortgage brokers are highly experienced professionals, with decades of experience that you can unlock and benefit from.
Rather than struggling with home loan issues on your own, leave the ‘headache’ to our mortgage brokers, who can offer advice and help you with paperwork and applications.
As they have worked with thousands of clients, they are in an excellent position to find the solution to your challenges. Although you might think that your situation is one-of-kind, that’s unlikely to be the case, and there is a high chance that our mortgage experts have encountered something similar before.

3. High-tech Tools and Expert Resources for Every Stage of Your Property Journey

Aside from our mortgage experts and their real-life experience, PropertyGuru Finance offers a suite of high-tech tools and expert resources to guide and inform you at every stage of your property purchase.
The website is filled with informative guides and articles on the process of buying property, with a focus on understanding, choosing and applying for a home loan.
The various available tools include a Home Loan Comparison Tool that lets you quickly and easily compare loans across the various banks, SmartRefi, a nifty tool that helps you identify the best time to refinance, and an Affordability Calculator that does all the number crunching for you when budgeting and planning your finances.


Track your mortgage against daily market rates and sign up for alerts when there are opportunities to refinance for greater savings.

Affordability calculator

Based on your current income, debt obligations and more, calculate how much you can expect to borrow for your mortgage to budget for your next property.

4. You Are Probably Already Looking for a Home on PropertyGuru

Not to toot our own horn but PropertyGuru is Singapore’s leading property marketplace, and compared to competitors, has the highest number of listings and property agent users. As such, compared to other property databases, PropertyGuru offers you the best chance of finding your dream home.
So, chances are, if you are looking to buy a home, you are already using PropertyGuru in your search.
Hence, it does not make sense to turn to another platform for financing solutions when you can do so right here on PropertyGuru. PropertyGuru Finance is PropertyGuru’s mortgage broker arm that offers the same user-friendliness that you have come to know and love.

5. You Trust PropertyGuru

PropertyGuru is one of Singapore’s most established brands, and also has a regional presence as one of Asia’s foremost online property companies. This year, in March 2022, PropertyGuru Group also began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
A home purchase is a big transaction, possibly the biggest you will undertake in your life. Hence, you really need a brand you can trust with your finances. This is exactly what we offer at PropertyGuru – our long and excellent track record that speaks for itself.

home loan comparison tool

Compare the best mortgage rates in Singapore, all in one page. Best rates guaranteed!

6. Finally, There’s Really No Reason Not To

All of PropertyGuru Finance’s guides, services and tools are absolutely free to use, including personal one-on-one consultations with professional mortgage brokers.
With all this value at your fingertips at no cost, there is simply no reason not to use PropertyGuru Finance to make your home purchase easier, less stressful and more affordable.
So what are you waiting for?
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    More FAQs on PropertyGuru Finance

    PropertyGuru Finance is the mortgage arm of Singapore's leading property marketplace, PropertyGuru. With PropertyGuru Finance, you can find the most competitive home loans in Singapore.

    Mortgage lenders would be the financial institutions that actually lend you the funds (e.g., banks). Mortgage brokers are the ones who help you to broker the loan, acting as a middleman between you and the lender(s).

    Yes, mortgage brokers like PropertyGuru Finance often have access to what is known as "deviated rates". These are basically unpublished promotional rates from lenders that are subject to approval.