Parc Central Residences EC Review: Executive Condo at Tampines Ave 10

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  • 19 January 2021

Project name: Parc Central Residences

Developer: Hoi Hup Sunway Tampines J.V. Pte Ltd

Project address: 119, 121, 123, 125, 127, 129, 131, 133, 135, 137, 139 Tampines Street 86

Type: Executive condo

No. of units: 700

No. of blocks: 11

No. of storeys: 16

Tenure: 99 years leasehold

District: 18


80 X 3-bedroom deluxe units (872 sq ft to 1,098 sq ft)
128 X 3-bedroom premium units (926 sq ft to 1,152 sq ft)
191 X 3-bedroom luxury units (990 sq ft to 1,270 sq ft)
221 X 4-bedroom premium units (1,109 sq ft to 1,442 sq ft)

48 X 4-bedroom luxury units (1,270 sq ft to 1,485 sq ft)
32 X 5-bedroom luxury units (1,432 sq ft to 1,701 sq ft)

Projected TOP: Q3 2023

Parking lots: 705 (including 5 handicap lots)

Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT station (Downtown Line, East-West Line)

Plot ratio: 2.8

Site area: 24,933.70 sq m

Project Details

Parc Central Residences is the first executive condo (EC) launch in 2021 and the first EC launch in the East since Citylife @ Tampines and Sea Horizon in 2013. It’s also the first EC in Tampines since The Tampines Trilliant in 2012.

Jointly developed by Hoi Hup Sunway (a consortium comprising Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments), the 99-year leasehold development is located at Tampines Avenue 10 in District 18, and features 700 units of 3-, 4-, and 5-bedrooms. These are spread across the 24,933.70 sq m site area in 11, 16 storey blocks. 

The land parcel at Tampines Avenue 10 was part of the Government Land Sales (GLS) in H2 2018. It received a healthy amount of interest with seven bids from developers. Eventually, the tender was won by Hoi Hup Sunway for $434.45 million.

The 3-bedroom units range from 872 sq ft to 1,270 sq ft;  4-bedrooms from 1,109 sq ft to 1,485 sq ft; and 5-bedrooms from 1,432 sq ft to 1,701 sq ft. 

With only 3-, 4- and 5-bedroom types available, the units at Parc Central Residences EC are considerably bigger, and are therefore oriented towards those looking to buy for their own stay, particularly families with children, rather than investors. 

The EC is also smart-enabled, and units are equipped with a Smart Hub so that you can control all of your smart devices remotely from your mobile phone. 

Parc Central Residences EC: condo design

The concept of Parc Central Residences EC is inspired by Central Park in New York City, where the park contributes to the overall wellbeing of the city’s inhabitants.

As such, there are 88 communal facilities located throughout the EC, including pools, reading rooms, jogging trails, a futsal court, basketball court, and tennis court.

Parc Central Residences Kids Pool

Most notably, smacked at the centre of the development is ‘The Lake’, which features varying pools for different age groups, including a 50 m lake pool. Next to The Lake is the Parc House — a unique two-storey clubhouse housing indoor facilities such as the media room, function room and library. 

Parc Central Residences The Great Room

The project also features a generous amount of landscape spaces and well-spaced blocks, with the majority of the units North-South oriented. This means the units will generally avoid the afternoon sun, while enjoying optimum wind ventilation throughout the year. It also allows the blocks to capitalise on the internal views of the EC. 

Parc Central Residences EC: developers

Parc Central Residences EC is developed by Hoi Hup Sunway, two well-known developers that have collaborated together in the past for quality projects such as Parc Canberra EC, Ki Residences, Hundred Palms Residences EC and Rivercove Residences EC.

As you can see, the developers are no strangers in the EC market, having developed a few EC projects together in the past, and their experience and proficiency in this project is evident by the development’s quality.

In terms of awards, the developers cliched the BCI Asia Top Ten Developers Award in 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Sophia Hills condominium in District 9 was the latest project that received a host of awards. it won the World Gold Winner in the Residential (Mid Rise) category at the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards 2020. Additionally, the project also received a “Special Mention” in the 2018 URA Architectural Heritage Awards for the developers’ efforts on the three conservation buildings within Sophia Hills.

Parc Central Residences: unit design and layout

3-Bedroom Luxury (Type C8) review

1 Parc central residences 3 bedroom floorplan

2 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-living room (from drive)

At 1,055 sq ft, the 3-bedroom unit at Parc Central Residences EC is quite spacious, especially when compared to most ECs and condos. 

The living and dining room are decently sized and should fit most dining and sofa sets easily (with enough walking space to maneuver). Note that all air-conditioning units are from Mitsubushi.

3 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-dining-area

The home’s layout is also pretty efficient as long corridor space is minimised.

4 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-hallway (from drive)

In fact, the corridor above is the only one in the unit, and it leads to the different rooms/areas of the EC.

Included in the living area are porcelain floor tiles, a timber swing main entrance door (with a digital lockset from Yale) and a laminated cabinet.

5 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-balcony

One interesting thing to note about the units is that the balconies are smaller than most developments, and those extra saved space is transferred to the yard and home shelter (all units will have a home shelter).

6 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-kitchen

The kitchen is pretty standard in terms of layout and design, with enough space for more than one person to work at a time.

Kitchen appliances from Bosch (cooker hood, gas hob, built-in oven) are standardised in all units, so are the Monic’s kitchen sinks and sink mixers (Hansgrohe)

All kitchen countertops in Parc Central Residences feature large-format tiles made from porcelain, which is said to be more durable than the quartz material provided in most projects.

7 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-wc

8 parc-central-residences-home-shelter

At the back of the kitchen is a yard area, water closet, aircon ledge and a home shelter (which has been converted into a sewing room).

9 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-bedroom-3

Opposite the kitchen is bedroom 3. Here, it’s designed as a home office for work and meetings, which has become a norm during this pandemic period (and probably in the post-COVID world too).

10 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-bedroom-2-cabinet

This bedroom comes with: a wardrobe with melamine finish, a wall mounted fan coil unit (Mitsubishi), timber swing door in laminate finish, an aluminium-framed casement window with fixed glass panel and vinyl floor tiles.

11 parc-central-residences-bedroom-2

Bedroom 2 is the same size as bedroom 3, and also comes with the same fittings (melamine wardrobe, laminated swing door, etc.) and vinyl flooring. 

Whilst the developers have designed this as a child’s bedroom, you could fit a queen bed with enough walking room.

12 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-bedroom-2

13 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-common-bathroom

Opposite the bedrooms lies the common bathroom. It comes included with your usual high-quality fittings found in most ECs and condos, including a shower mixer and hand shower set (Hansgrohe), vanity cabinet with basin and water close (Duravit) and mixer (Hansgrohe). The floor and wall tiles are made from Porcelain.

Also, all bathrooms are naturally ventilated.

14 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-study-room

Whilst the 3-bedroom unit comes with a study room (as seen in the floor plan above), but you also have an option to enclose the space and make it part of the master bedroom. Here, it’s been converted into a walk-in wardrobe. 

Suggested read: Property Floor Plan Guide: How To Read Your Condo or HDB Floor Plan Correctly

15 parc-central-residences-walk-in-wardrobe

16 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-master-bedroom1

The master bedroom is big, and you could easily fit a king-size bed with two bedside tables, and still have comfortable walking space.

17 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-master-bedroom2

As with the other bedrooms, the master bedroom comes with a wardrobe in melamine finish, wall-mounted fan coil unit from Mitsubishi, timber swing door in laminate finish, aluminium frame casement window with fixed glass panel, smart home air-conditioning control and vinyl floor tiles.

18 parc-central-residences-3-bedroom-master-bathroom

Apart from being slightly bigger, the master bedroom has the same quality fittings from Duravit and Hansgrohe. 

4-Bedroom Luxury (Type D5-PH) review

19 Parc central residences 4 bedroom floorplan

The 4-bedroom unit spans 1,270 sq ft and is amongst the biggest units at Parc Central Residences EC.

20 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-entrance (from drive)

As you enter the house, you’ll be greeted with the foyer which overlooks the dining area. The corridor space helps to shield the rest of the home from the door, adding privacy to your home.

21 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-kitchen living (from drive)

Like the 3-bedrooms, it has an efficient layout; the right side of the foyer lies the kitchen, which consists of a dry and wet kitchen, while ahead of the foyer is the living and dining area, which are flanked by the bedrooms. 

The dry kitchen has basically the same fixtures and appliances as the 3-bedroom above, including a wall-mounted fan coil unit from Mitsubishi and a built-in oven from Bosch. There is however, a laminated kitchen island with porcelain countertop.

22 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-kitchen (from drive)

The wet kitchen is semi-enclosed. Like the kitchen in the 3-bedroom unit, there’s enough space for more than one person to work at the same time. Also similar are the gas hob and cooking hob from Bosch, and kitchen sink from Monic.

23 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-washer (from drive)

At the end of the kitchen is the W/C, yard and home shelter. 

24 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-storeroom (from drive)

25 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-living dining (from drive)

26 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-dining kitchen (from drive)

The dining and living area is spacious and the high ceiling (4.5 m) provides future residents freedom to utilise the vertical space.

27 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-bedroom 1

At the left side of the dining area lies bedroom 2. It comes with the same wardrobe design as the other common bedrooms.

28 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-bedroom 1

There’s room to fit a queen bed and two bedside tables on each side (with walking space).

29 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-bedroom 3

Across this bedroom (past the living room), is where the rest of the bedrooms are located, including bedroom 3.

30 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-bedroom 3

Opposite bedroom 3 is bedroom 4, which is similar in terms of characteristics.

31 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-bedroom 4

32 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-bedroom 4

33 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-bedroom 4 closet

34 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-bathroom

The common bathroom has natural ventilation, and comes with quality fittings from Hansgrohe (shower mixer and hand shower set, overhead rain shower) and Duravit (water closet and basin). 

35 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-master bedroom

The master bedroom is spacious. Like all master bedrooms in Parc Central Residences EC, it’s large enough to fit a king size bed comfortably.

36 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-master bedroom wardrobe

Also part of this bedroom is a melamine wardrobe, smart aircon and a wall-mounted fan coil unit.

37 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-master bedroom

38 parc-central-residences-4-bedroom-master bathroom

The master bathroom comes with a rain shower set and a mixer from Hansgrohe and a vanity cabinet with basin and water closer from Duravit, among others. 

Parc Central Residences: site plan

parc central residences EC site plan

As mentioned, the blocks at Parc Central Residences EC are well spaced out, with most of the units North-South oriented.

Bar a few on the second floor, most of the facilities are located on the ground floor, including the tennis court tucked at the north-east corner of the development. This helps to reduce disturbance for future residents living here.

In terms of noise, units facing Tampines Ave 5 may experience road noise but these units will have glass panels installed to reduce the noise levels. 

Meanwhile, units facing the direction of Tampines Ave 10 will face an open field at the west side of the development (for now). Those who choose these units would have a nice open view, but might have to contend with traffic noises at night. 

Also, note that the field has been zoned as ‘Business 2’ and ‘Civic and Community Institution’ under the latest URA Master Plan, but more on that later.   

Parc Central Residences EC: facilities

There are 88 facilities located in Parc Central Residences, and they are divided into different ‘zones’ based on their characteristics.  

Unwind on the condo grounds as lounge areas will be covered in verdant landscaping to echo life on a tropical paradise. There are also spa pools to wash away the stressors of life, an aqua gym for water aerobics, as well as a poolside gym and swimming pool.

Arrival Hall

  1. Guard House
  2. Featured Roundabout
  3. Drop-off Plaza
  4. Lift @ Arrival Hall
  5. Waiting Lounge
  6. Gym (second storey)
  7. Staircase to 2nd Storey 

The Cove

  1. Palm Trail
  2. Sun Lounges on Wet Deck
  3. Leisure Pavilion
  4. Pool Deck
  5. Quarry Pool 
  6. Aqua Pavilion w/ Jacuzzi
  7. Aqua Walk
  8. Quarry Outdoor Shower 

The Playfield

  1. Exercise Plaza
  2. Tennis Court
  3. Play Court with Futsal Nets
  4. IPPT/NAPFA Stations
  5. Duo BBQ Pavilion
  6. Outdoor Dining Area
  7. Outdoor Fitness Station
  8. Jogging Trail
  9. Basketball half-court
  10. Trampoline Trail
  11. Tree-house Playground
  12. Sling Seats
  13. Teppanyaki Pavilion
  14. Bouldering Wall 

The Lawn

  1. Community Garden
  2. Rain Garden Trail
  3. Garden Pavilion
  4. Bicycle Station
  5. Terrace Garden
  6. Picnic Lawn
  7. Garden Meadow
  8. Butterfly Trail
  9. Thunbergia Pavilion
  10. Topiary Garden
  11. Heritage Garden w/ Tampines Tree
  12. Bamboo Garden with Reflexology Path
  13. Bucida Garden
  14. Tai-Chi Lawn
  15. Hammock Garden
  16. Function Lawn
  17. Asplenium Garden Trail
  18. Fiddle Tree Court
  19. Birds of Paradise 

The Lake

  1. Family Jacuzzi
  2. Water Curtain
  3. Lake Alcove
  4. Lake Sun Deck
  5. Lake Jetty
  6. Jacuzzi
  7. Jacuzzi Deck with Pool Entry
  8. Cocoon Pods
  9. Lake Outdoor shower
  10. Palm Island
  11. Lake Pool
  12. Parc House Pool Wet Deck
  13. Lakeside
  14. Parc House Yoga Deck
  15. The Safari Room
  16. Children Pool
  17. Water Jets & Spray
  18. Lake walk-over
  19. Bubble Jets
  20. Toddler Pool 

The Parc House

  1. The Reading Room
  2. The Great Room
  3. The Picture Room
  4. The Private Room
  5. The Horse & Carriage Playground
  6. The Spun Deck
  7. Phyllanthus Air-well (second storey)
  8. BBQ Pavilion (second storey)
  9. Outdoor Dining (second storey)
  10. The Parc House Lift 

Sky Terrace

  1. Seating Planter (second storey)
  2. Garden Pavilion (second storey)
  3. Chill-out Deck (second storey)
  4. Vernonia Heights (second storey) 


For internal circulation only. Information herein is subject to change without prior notice.

  1. Bin Centre (basement)
  2. Electrical Substation (basement)
  3. Generator Set (basement)
  4. Management Office
  5. MDF Room (basement)
  6. Side Gate



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Parc Central Residences EC is located at Tampines Avenue 10, alongside several condos including The Alps Residences, The Tapestry, The Santorini and Q Bay Residences. The development is also flanked by existing residential developments along Tampines Avenue 5 and Tampines Street 86, the latter is where the single entrance/exit is located. 

Right off the bat, the project’s location in the mature estate of Tampines is probably its strongest attribute. In fact, such a location is rare for an EC project. 

As you may know, one of the biggest gripes about new ECs is that they are usually located in outskirt areas and are typically inaccessible. (PS: if you’re looking for resale ECs that are within walking distance to MRT stations, you may want to check this list out).

As such, it’s surrounded by a good range of amenities that you would come to expect from a mature estate, whether it’s schools, malls, education institutions, parks, communal facilities, hawker centres, or eateries. 

Changi Airport is also 10 minutes’ away by car, and there’s also easy access to healthcare with Changi General Hospital located just 9 minutes’ drive away. The recently upgraded key medical facility is still near enough but not so close that the superstitious start to feel on edge. 

Parc Central Residences EC: amenities

Parc Central Residences EC is close to the Tampines Central town centre which houses several malls, namely Tampines Mall, Tampines 1 and Century Square — all of which are within 2 km.

In addition to three sprawling shopping malls being just minutes away, IKEA Tampines (7 mins’ drive), COURTS Megastore (6 mins’ drive) and Giant Hypermarket (6 mins’ drive) are also close by.

The EC is also close to various community venues such as Tampines Central Community Club and the integrated lifestyle and community hub, Our Tampines Hub (15 minutes’ walk), which boasts a massive library, dining outlets, a stadium, and more.

Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre is the only hawker centre that’s within 2 km, but the Tampines Round Market and Food Centre located at Tampines Ave 5 isn’t too far either (2.7 km, 6 mins’ drive). 

Shopping malls within 2 km:

  • Tampines Mall (2.2 km)
  • Tampines 1 (2 km)
  • Century Square (1.8 km)

Hawker centre within 2 km:

  • Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre (1.9 km)

Parc Central Residences EC: nearby schools

There are several educational institutions that are within easy access. Most notably, the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) is right opposite the development. 

Meanwhile, nearby primary schools within 2 km include Poi Ching School, St. Hilda’s Primary School and Gongshang Primary School.

Educational institutions within 2 km:

  • Poi Ching School 
  • St. Hilda’s Primary School
  • Gongshang Primary School
  • Junyuan Primary School
  • Tampines North Primary School
  • Tampines Primary School
  • Springfield Secondary School
  • Junyuan Secondary School
  • Temasek Polytechnic

Nearby supermarkets:

parc central residence map 1

There are quite a few supermarkets nearby, which is great especially if you want to escape the crowd at FairPrice Tampines Mall and Cold Storage @ Tampines One.

parc central residence map 2

Having said that, there are only supermarkets within 2 km. The closest is Sheng Siong supermarket located at Tampines Street 86, which is just 2 minutes’ by foot.

Nearby supermarkets within 2 km:

  • Sheng Siong supermarket at Tampines Street 86 (170m, 2 minutes’ walk)
  • FairPrice at Tampines CC (600 m, 7 mins’ walk)
  • U Stars at Tampines Ave 8 (750 m, 9 mins’ walk)
  • Prime Supermarket at Tampines Street 81 (1.2 km, 16 mins’ walk)
  • Sheng Siong supermarket at Tampines Ave 9 (1.3 km, 16 mins’ walk)

Parc Central Residences EC: nearby parks

From the EC, you’ll also be close to nature as Bedok Reservoir Park (7 minutes’ drive) is a stone’s throw away, as well as Tampines Quarry (5 minutes’ drive) and its picturesque yet tranquil lake. There are also several neighbourhood parks in the area such as Tampines Eco Green, Tampines Central Park and Sun Plaza Park.

Parc Central Residences EC: accessibility

Parc Central Residences EC is close to not just one but two MRT stations — Tampines MRT on the East West Line (EWL) and Downtown Line (DTL) (1.6 km), as well as Tampines West MRT on the DTL (1.9 km). Tampines Bus Interchange is also nearby (1.8 km). 

Furthermore, Tampines North MRT on the Cross Island Line (CRL) is also set to be operational by 2029. When completed, residents will have access to three different MRT lines. 

Also, by 2025, the upcoming Stage 5 of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) will have links to the eastern side of Singapore, and future residents will also have access to the TEL via Sungei Bedok MRT interchange. The station will only be five stops away from Tampines MRT station.

For those who own their own transport, it’s easy to get around also. Parc Central Residences EC is situated between Tampines Expressway (TPE), Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE).

The excellent connectivity and accessibility means the EC has good transport links to the rest of the island, which could result in an uplift in property prices and demand in this neighbourhood as well.

parc central residence map 3

So while accessibility is good, note that the EC isn’t quite within walking distance to an MRT station. In fact, it takes about 19 minutes’ walk (1.5 km) to Tampines MRT station.

The good news is that the station is only 3 mins’ away by car.

parc central residence map 4

Tampines MRT station is also accessible by bus. From the opposite United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) (bus stop 75171), take bus 34 and alight at Opp Our Tampines Hub. The station is just four bus stops away and takes about 17 minutes to get there (including walking time). You can also take bus 298 and 23 to the station.

Note that there will be free shuttle bus services to the nearest MRT station for 15 months. 

Travelling to the CBD via MRT

parc central residence map 5

You can get to the CBD (City Hall MRT station) via Tampines MRT station on the EWL. Your commuting time will be about 30 mins (11 stops).  

Travelling to the CBD by car

parc central residence map 6

For motorists, you can reach Raffles Place via Tampines Ave 8 and Bartley Road East. It takes about 23 mins’ drive.



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Parc Central Residences EC: URA Master Plan

parc central ura map 1

As mentioned above, the open field next to the development is zoned as ‘Business 2’ under the URA Master Plan

Business 2 sites are intended for industrial developments such as factories, warehouses, telecommunication, utility buildings, clean industry and light industry. 

Meanwhile, a small portion of the area is also currently zoned as ‘Civic and Community institution’, which includes police stations, courts, fire stations, special government buildings, welfare homes, community clubs and childcare centres. 

In short, expect construction and industrial activities, which could potentially generate high noise levels. On the flip side, you could be looking at capital gains or a stream of rental income if you’re an investor.

Relocation of Paya Lebar Airbase

Another important thing to note, is that the Paya Lebar Airbase is just within 3 km to the west of the development. 

But the base is slated to relocate in 2030, which frees up 800ha of space for development. However, if you aren’t fond of planes and want total peace and quiet from the get-go, this may not be the right home for you.

On the other hand, the site is massive (five times the size of Toa Payoh). Whilst there are no concrete plans for it yet, it is intended to be a town with residential, commercial, industrial provisions, with parks and play spaces. All of which could lift property prices in the area and its surroundings, including Parc Central Residences EC. 

Furthermore, the removal of the airbase will also mean that existing homes in the area could be redeveloped and be built higher

Parc Central Residences EC: Price

At the time of writing, the average price is currently around $1,100 to $1,200 psf.  Below is the indicative pricing:

3-Bedroom Deluxe: from $956,000 ($1,096 psf)

3-Bedroom Premium: from $1,015,000 ($1,096 psf)

3-Bedroom Luxury: from $1,069,000 ($1,079 psf)

4-Bedroom Premium: from $1,258,000 ($1,134 psf)

4-Bedroom Luxury: from $1,427,000 ($1,123 psf)

5-Bedroom Luxury: from $1,609,000 ($1,123 psf)


How does the price compare to recently-launched ECs and also condos in the area?

As mentioned previously, there are four condos located along Tampines Ave 10: The Tapestry, The Alps Residences, The Santorini and Q Bay Residences. These private condos are relatively new and are less than six years old. 

Here’s a comparison of the condos, as well the Parc Canberra and OLA, two recent EC launches (both were launched in 2020):

  1. Parc Canberra
    Average psf in the last 12 months: $1,084 to $1,120 psf
    TOP: September 2023
  2. OLA EC
    Average psf in the last 12 months: $1,077 to $1,192 psf
    TOP: December 2023
  3. The Tapestry
    Average psf in the last 12 months: $1,207 to $1,454 psf
    TOP: October 2021
  4. The Alps Residences
    Average psf in the last 12 months: $1,014 to $1,285 psf
    TOP: 2019
  5. The Santorini
    Average psf in the last 12 months: $1,092 to $1,207 psf
    TOP: 2017
  6.  Q Bay Residences
    Average psf in the last 12 months: $1,012 to $1,215 psf
    TOP: 2016

Looking at the condo prices above, it would seem that the average price is quite comparable to Parc Central Residences EC.

Should you consider getting one of these private condos instead?

Well, it boils to a few factors: are you in an urgent need to move into a new home? Is getting a new home important to you? When buying a resale home, remember that you also need to fork out a higher downpayment.

It’s also important to note that when buying an EC, you’ll also need to take the Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR) into account, which means that you can only use up to 30% of your gross monthly income to service your home loan.

Lastly, if you’re a first-time home buyer (or at least one of the buyers is), you are eligible for CPF Housing Grants of up to $30,000 (subjected to eligibility conditions). Additionally, Deferred Payment Scheme (DPS) is also available, which offers more flexibility for paying the condo, especially if you don’t have the immediate funds.  

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Parc Central Residences EC is a rare EC that’s located in a mature estate. As such, the project is never shy away from amenities, whether it’s educational institutions, malls, supermarkets, eateries or parks. 

Unlike most ECs that are typically located in ‘ulu’ areas, Parc Central Residences is also easily accessible, with good connectivity to road and MRT networks, as well as being minutes away from Changi Airport. Additionally, as the project is geared towards family living as units are spacious and efficient.  

With the relocation of the Paya Lebar Airbase from 2030 onwards, the massive vacant space will likely be developed into a new town, which could see properties in the area (including Parc Central Residences) rise in value.

Despite the good connectivity in the area, the nearest MRT station is 1.6 km away — which is a considerable distance, especially if you’re planning on walking. You should also know that the site at the west side of the development is currently zoned for industrial purposes under the URA Master Plan, which could potentially cause industrial and construction noises in years to come.

Finally, the price of the units seems like a big investment, considering that there are a few private condos along the development that currently have a lower average psf price. That being said, the CPF Housing Grants and DPS will definitely help to mitigate this and offset some of the cost involved.

However, if the downsides of the development isn’t a hassle to you, then Parc Central Residences is a good home for those who have deeper pockets, but aren’t quite ready to pay private housing prices for the same amount of space and facilities. It’s fantastic both as a family home as there are many schools and family-friendly amenities nearby, as well as for investment.


Parc Central Residences sales gallery is located along Tampines Grande and viewing is strictly by appointment basis from 9am to 9pm. See available units on PropertyGuru here, or read our reviews of other condo projects. 

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