Joo Seng Road

About Joo Seng Road

Joo Seng Road is one of the streets in Geylang HDB esatate and because of the abundance of presses, mills and factories in the area, Geylang HDB estate was given its name for the original Malay community that dwelt in the area. Geylang is a variant of Kilang that means press, mill or factory. means Over time, the estate has grown into a well-established residential area that is home to about 87,000 residents which include families and individuals. There are about 30,000 flats in Geylang, and these flats are located on the about 40 streets that make up the estate. Facilities that support an urban lifestyle of residents of this estate are also readily available.


Joo Seng Road comprises several blocks of flats with some of these blocks of apartments completed as far back as 1983, while others were completed in 1995. There are 15 blocks of flats on Joo Seng Road. These blocks of flats hold about 527 HDB units, and these flats are of varying sizes. The flats available on Joo Seng Road include 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms flats as well as executive flats. The postal code of the blocks of flats range from 360008 to 361004. The greenery of the Joo Seng Road area which makes it more serene as well as the availability of amenities and facilities for the use of its residents are also notable.


There are ample amenities around Joo Seng Road. These amenities include transport facilities that ensure that residents that commute by public and private means of transportation can get to their destination in no time.


The means of transportation available in the area include buses which one can catch from any of the nearby bus stations.


There are also train stations in the area to ease commuting for residents of Joo Seng Road. The nearby train stations include MacPherson MRT station, Kembangan MRT Station and Tai Seng MRT Station. The roads that lead to this street also make commuting easy for its residents. These roads include Upper Ajunied Road, MacPherson Road and Ajunied Road. Through these connecting roads, residents of Joo Seng Road that drive can access notable destinations.


Facilities that ensure that residents of Joo Seng Road do not go too far from their homes to meet the educational needs of their wards are also available in the area. These facilities include childcare facilities, primary schools and secondary schools. There is also an integrated school located close to Joo Seng Road. The integrated school, Maris Stella High School is just about 620 metres away.


Nearby childcare facilities

  • Kindercare Centre
  • PCF Geylang Serai
  • Junior Champs Preschool
  • PCF Sparkletots Preschool
  • MacPherson Sheng Hong Childcare Centre


Kindercare Centre is located at 17 Joo Seng Rd. PCF Geylang Serai is located on block 15 of Joo Seng Road. Junior Champs Preschool is located at 18 Tai Seng Street.


Nearby Primary Schools

  • Maris Stella High
  • Cedar Primary School
  • Canossa Primary School
  • Bendemeer Primary School
  • MacPherson Primary School


Maris Stella High is about 620 metres away. Cedar Primary School is about 640 metres away too, while Canossa Convent Primary School is farther away, about 1.18 km away.


Nearby Secondary Schools

  • Bartley Secondary School
  • Maris Stella High School
  • Cedar Girls' Secondary School
  • Gabriel's Secondary School
  • Andrew's Secondary School


Bartley Secondary School is about 390 metres away. Maris Stella High is about 620 metres away. Cedar Girls' Secondary is about 840 metres away.


The Joo Seng Road area also has several recreational facilities that promote a forward lifestyle for its residents. The nearby recreational facilities are highlighted below.


Nearby shopping malls and grocery shops

  • NTUC Fairprice, located about 1.8 km away
  • NEX, about 1.86 km away
  • Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, located about 1.87 km away.


Other streets within Geylang HDB estate that lead to Joo Seng Road include Upper Aljunied Lane.

HDB Blocks

BLK 10
Joo Seng Road, 360010
BLK 11
Joo Seng Road, 360011
BLK 13
Joo Seng Road, 360013
BLK 14
Joo Seng Road, 360014
BLK 15
Joo Seng Road, 360015
BLK 16
Joo Seng Road, 360016
BLK 17
Joo Seng Road, 360017
BLK 19
Joo Seng Road, 360019
BLK 20
Joo Seng Road, 360020
BLK 21
Joo Seng Road, 360021