Boon Lay Avenue

About Boon Lay Avenue

The Boon Lay Avenue road is one of the main roads in Jurong West. It is over a kilometre in length to and fro. Long ago Jurong West was a swampy land filled up with crocodiles. In the 1960s, the government filled it with the land from the hills. Jurong West has since become an industrial powerhouse and investment magnet. Today, Jurong west is one of Singapore’s major housing estates that have seen a high rate of retail, F&B and amenity developments to support the over 250,000 residents living there. As Jurong West continues its development, property in the area is widely expected to see an increase in demand and value. Accessibility to a comprehensive range of amenities accounts for the top reasons for drawing in property seekers to buy into the area. This increasing affluence and development of Jurong west all but indicates its bright future.


As Boon Lay avenue is an important road in Jurong West, the commercialization and development around it has increased a lot. The length of the Boon Lay Avenue is filled with many valuable business centres and properties. There are 20 Housing Development Board Blocks near the Boon Lay Avenue. The 20 blocks accommodate a total of 1311 HDB units in them. These HDB properties offer 3 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms units. The construction of the HDB blocks started in 1975 and ended in 1978. Jurong West has a minimum postal code of 640185 and a maximum postal code of 649965. The road is surrounded by HDB blocks and business centres on both sides. The locality near the street has all the basic facilities required to live an urban life.


The Boon Lay Avenue road connects the Corporation Road and the Boon Lay Drive. The people living in the properties near the Boon Lay Avenue have easy access to all their daily needs. In Jurong West, the main means of transport is by bus. The people living in the locality near the Boon Lay Ave can enjoy the services of two bus terminal. This makes it easy for them to access any part of the town by bus. The bus stations on the street are River Valley High School, Block 185 and 213 and their opposites. The busses that pass through these stations are Bus 174,198,198A, 502, 502A and many more. The MRT stations near the road are Boon Lay MRT station, Chinese Garden MRT station and Lakeside MRT station. Moreover, the dwellers have access to many government and private services like police station, schools, community centres, shopping centres and many more.


The food outlets and dine out centres are a major recreational place for the urban people. There are plenty of them near the locality. All these centres are located in walking distances. I will mention here some of them:

  • Bok’s Kitchen
  • Roof top Garden
  • Boon Lay Garden Restaurabt
  • Pizza Hut
  • Power Nasi Lemak
  • Ang Mo Kio Central


Furthermore, the people living near the locality can have easy access to the police station. The Boon Lay Neighbourhood Police Station located on the other side of Boon Lay PI is easily accessible to the dwellers. This is a great advantage for the residents. As far as urban lifestyle is concerned, it is incomplete without recreational activities. The residents of the HDB blocks have easy access to the Boon Lay Ave Neighbourhood Park. Also, in urban lifestyle, shopping is an important part. There are a lot of shopping centres near the locality. Here are some of them:

  • Kah Hwee Provision Shop
  • Lim Hai Song Provision Store
  • Ameenroma Aromatics
  • Akai
  • NONE
  • Chong Loon Thian
  • Boon Lay Shopping Centre
  • Nan Xia Super Market
  • D’Planet Time


Again, the place does not lack religious places. Religious places are a very important part of any community. The locality near the Boon Lay Avenue has some religious places near it. Here are a few of them:

  • Francis of Assisi
  • Tui San Temple
  • Jurong Church of Christ


Another interesting part about the Boon Lay Place near thee locality is that it has Currency Exchange. This can be suitable for tourists. For a locality to be complete, it should have educational institutions. Here are some of them near the Boon Lay Ave:

  • Francis of Assisi Kindergarten
  • Mentalmatics
  • Superman Mental Arithmetic
  • Madrasah PERTAPIS Boon Lay
  • River Valley School
  • Zhengfei Cultural Education Centre


Also there is a gas station near the street. The Shell Station does a great job by serving the travellers with fuel.


Boon Lay Avenue connects with several streets such as Jurong West Central 1, Boon Lay Drive and Boon Lay Place.


HDB Blocks

BLK 183A
Boon Lay Avenue, 641183
BLK 183B
Boon Lay Avenue, 642183
BLK 183C
Boon Lay Avenue, 643183
BLK 183D
Boon Lay Avenue, 644183
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 185
Boon Lay Avenue, 640185
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 186
Boon Lay Avenue, 640186
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 187
Boon Lay Avenue, 640187
BLK 216A
Boon Lay Avenue, 641216
BLK 216B
Boon Lay Avenue, 642216
BLK 217A
Boon Lay Avenue, 641217