About Yung Sheng Road

The Yung Sheng Road connects two major roads in Jurong West: The Corporation Road and the Corporation Dr. The road is more than 500 meters of length in total. The Yung Sheng road lies in Jurong West. Long ago Jurong West was a swampy land filled with crocodiles. In the 1960s, the area was filled by the land from the hills, by the government. In the 1970, the area developed into an industrial estate and served as a shelter for the workers. It has developed into an important point for commerce and investments. Now, it serves as residence for more than 250000 people.


The Yung Sheng Road in Jurong West, is surrounded by highly developed business institutions. There are 9 HDB blocks accommodating about 826 HDB units. These HDB properties offer 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms units. The construction of the HDB units started in 2001 and ended within a year. Jurong West has a minimum pin code of 610110 and a maximum pin code of 618499. It is one of the best place for shopping, offices, dine-out places and many other commercial works. This commercial hub is powered by proper and planned properties and convenient transportation network. This area houses large shopping centres, food outlets and many more commercial places. Furthermore, it houses several Housing Development Board properties. This planning of the landscape makes it easy for the residents to access those places. The bus terminals near the road are Block 117, Opp Block 117 and Asssyakirin Mque. The busses passing through the station are Bus 178, 30, 98, 98M, 248 and 240. The nearest MRT stations are Lakeside MRT Station, Chinese Garden MRT station and Boon Lay MRT station. The HDB properties lie just opposite to the shopping and food outlets. Also, there is an ATM located near the end of the street. This makes it easy for the dwellers and the travellers to get cash in an emergency.


The area on the either side of the street is densely populated with shopping centres. Also there are social centres like gym and community club in the area. Here are the names of some food outlets and dine-out places:

  • Subway
  • Ice Cream Man and Friends
  • BBQ Seafood
  • Taman Jourong Market and Food Centre
  • 58 Minced Meat Noodle
  • The Dessert House
  • Yung Sheng
  • Relac One Corner
  • Sikkander’s Briyani
  • 7 Tea Cafe
  • Lao Hung Jia


Here are some shopping centres near that area:

  • NS Household
  • Choosen Picture Framer and Gifts
  • SAM Shopping Centre
  • Rgal Tackle
  • Taman Jurong Shoppng Centre



Furthermore, there are many important properties near the Yung Sheng Street. This is expected to enhance the commercialization of the place and attract further investments. Again, the buildings and properties near the Yung Sheng road are very well-planned and organized. Thanks to the Housing Development Board. The properties have great internal and external connection between themselves. So, the residents find it convenient to access different places. Also, the buildings or properties Surrounding the Yung Sheng Road are very spacious. There are 9 blocks in total. The blocks accommodate a total of 826 Housing Development Board units. Each and every HDB unit is large enough for the dwellers to live freely.


There is also a community club house near the location. Also, there is the Taman Jurong Constituency Office near the road. This shows you how important road it is. Again, the location is urban styled. It also contains a gym which is quite necessary in an urban surrounding. The people near the location can access the gym easily to stay fit. The location is a very good example of a planned urban settlement. In Jurong West, the main means of transport is by bus. The people living in the blocks near the Yung Sheng road can access the bus terminals easily. The bus terminals on the Corporation Road and Corporation Dr serve the people high quality bus transport. Both the terminals are easily accessible.


Another requirement for children as well as adults is recreational centre. The Jurong ActiveSG Stadium serves this need. People living near the area can easily reach there to enjoy a game. Furthermore, there are religious places like Masjid Assyakirin near the road. This is a great advantage for people with religious interest.


Yung Sheng Road connects with several streets such as Corporation Drive, Ho Ching Road and Yung An Road.

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 177
Yung Sheng Road, 610177
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 178
Yung Sheng Road, 610178
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 180
Yung Sheng Road, 610180
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 184
Yung Sheng Road, 610184