Jurong West Street 81

About Jurong West Street 81

Jurong West Street 81 is one of the most important streets in Jurong West. Jurong West was a swampy land covered with crocodiles, long ago. But, in the 1970s, the government filled the area with the land from the hill to make the area favourable for settlement. The development of the Jurong area started in the 1970s when estates such as Boon Lay, Taman Jurong, and Hong Kah formed Jurong West Town. In the present days, Jurong West accommodates more than 250000 residents. It is now an industrial and invertor attraction point.


The Jurong West Street 81 is one of the most important street in Jurong West. It is more than a kilometre in length. It connects one end of Jurong West Street 82 and other point of Jurong west Ave 5. It is populated with very high quality properties on both sides. There are 66 HDB blocks accommodating about 4612 HDB units. These HDB properties offer 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms and executive units. The construction of the HDB estates started in 1989 and ended in 1997. Jurong West has a minimum pin code of 640810 and a maximum pin code of 641865. The properties near the Jurong West Street 81 are very well-planned and have an urban style landscape. The Jurong west park lies on the immediate side of the street which makes it very easy to access. The bus terminals on the road are Block 821 and Block 827. The busses passing through the station are Bus 243G and 258. The nearest MRT stations are Pioneer MRT station, Gul Circle MRT station and Boon Lay MRT station. Also, the park has a large children’s playground. There are many quality-intensive HDB properties around the park.


These blocks also have several stores to full-fill the daily needs of the residents. I will list out few of them here:

  • Bookland & Office Supplies
  • Zenamas
  • Mobile Park
  • Nanyang Minimart and Hair Saloon
  • Grocery Store


Al these properties are very well-planned and have excellent road connection. Also, they have food outlets and dine-out centres like:

  • Seng Western
  • Hong Joo Eating House
  • 851 Coffee Shop


Near the Block 850 Jurong West, is a swilling school named Isplash Swimming School. This lies just opposite of Block 850 Jurong West. So, it is easily accessible to the residents. The Jurong West Street 81 also has some education centres. Here are some:

  • One World International School
  • Pioneer Primary School


Furthermore, a major part of the locality near the Jurong West Street 81 is sandwiched by the Jurong West Ave 5 and West Street 8. This makes transportation very smooth for the residents of that area. In Jurong, one of the main means of transport of the people is by bus. There are two bus terminals in Jurong West Street 81. Moreover, the bus terminals are in direct connection with other major terminals. The bus network in the area makes it quite easy for the residents to reach out to important places in the city. The street directly connects to the West Ave 5 which directly connects to religious places like the City Harvest Church. This makes it easy for the dwellers to reach out to those places.


Again, the buildings near the West Street 81 are well oriented and contribute to the beauty of the landscape. Moreover, the area and the locality on both the sides of the street are developing at a very rapid rate. This makes it favourable for businesses and further investments.


Jurong West Street 81 connects with several streets such as Jurong West Avenue 5 and Jurong West Street 71.

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 811
Jurong West Street 81, 640811
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 812
Jurong West Street 81, 640812
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 814
Jurong West Street 81, 640814
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 815
Jurong West Street 81, 640815
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 816
Jurong West Street 81, 640816
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 817
Jurong West Street 81, 640817
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 818
Jurong West Street 81, 640818
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 819
Jurong West Street 81, 640819
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 820
Jurong West Street 81, 640820
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 821
Jurong West Street 81, 640821