Jurong West Avenue 5

About Jurong West Avenue 5

The Jurong West Avenue 5 is one of the most important roads in Jurong West. With over two kilometres in length, it is surrounded by high-quality properties and commercial outlets. Long ago Jurong West was a swampy land filled up with crocodiles. In the 1960s, the government filled it with the land from the hills. Jurong West has since become an industrial powerhouse and investment magnet. Today, Jurong West is one of Singapore’s major housing estates that have seen a high rate of retail, F&B and amenity developments to support the over 250,000 residents living there. As Jurong West continues its development, property in the area is widely expected to see an increase in demand and value. Accessibility to a comprehensive range of amenities accounts for the top reasons for drawing in property seekers to buy into the area. This increasing affluence and development of Jurong West all but indicates its bright future.


Jurong West is now a highly commercialized area and a major part of it attracts investors. It is highly developed and covered by different types of commercial and non-commercial centres. The Jurong West Ave 5 connects the Jln Bahar highway and the Jurong West Street 81 directly. There are a total of 10 blocks developed by the Housing Development Board for the civilians to live. The 10 blocks accommodate a total 876 HDB units. These HDB properties offer 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms and executive units. The construction of the HDB esttes in this area started in 1989 and ended in 1992. Jurong West has a minimum postal code of 640719 and a maximum postal code of 649492. The people living in the properties have great access to almost every basic facility. The street has facilities like shopping centres, food outlets and dine out centres, educational institutions and many more.


In Jurong West, one of the important means of transport is by bus. The Jurong West Ave has a total of 6 bus terminals, 3 on each side of the road. The bus terminals on the road are Block 834, 817, 861 and some more. The busses passing through the station are Bus 181, 181M, 185 and several more. The nearest MRT stations are Pioneer MRT station, Lakeside MRT station and Boon Lay MRT station. So, the residents of the HDB properties near the street can have easy access to bus service and travel to any point in the town. Another great feature of the street is it has a fire station nearby. The Jurong West Fire Post can reach any place in very less time in case of an emergency. Thanks to the proper planning and organization. Also, there are enough number of schools, dine out centres and food outlets. Here are some of them.


Educational institutions:

  • Penciltutor Jurong
  • Tabernacle Education Centre
  • Creative Twinkles Preschool
  • My First Skool
  • TEG International College
  • The Educational Hive
  • Qeren Learning Centre
  • Al-Nasry
  • Learning Seeds Child Development Centre
  • Zulfa Kindergarten
  • Westwood Primary School


In an urban lifestyle, the food and dine out centres form a very important and frequently visited point. There are many people who like to have a good time by eating out. Here, I have listed some of the centres.


Food outlets and dine out centres:

  • Eating House 815
  • McDonalds Gek Poh
  • Koufu Gek Poh
  • Bake
  • KFC
  • Sheng Siong Food Court


Another important part of our lifestyle is shopping. In urban lifestyle, shopping is a common form of recreational activities. There are plenty of shopping and commercial outlets near the street. Here are some of them.


Shopping points:

  • Sheng Siong Supermarket
  • Indian Provision Store
  • Sam Kiosk
  • Prime Supermarket
  • Luxe Pets
  • Singapore Pools


Religious places also form an important part of our lifestyle. The locality near the Jurong West Ave 5 have a good access to religious places. Here are some.


Religious places:

  • Nanyang Zone
  • Centre of New Life
  • City Harvest Church
  • Masjid Maaroff


Any locality is incomplete without basic facilities like health care centres, police station and fire station. The locality near the Jurong West Ave 5 has all these facilities. Here are some of them.


Health care centres:

  • Apex Medical Centre
  • One Medical clinic
  • Pier Medical Centre


Parks and recreational centres:

  • Jurong West Park
  • Jurong West Ave 5 Park
  • Block 726 Park


Other facilities:

  • Jurong Police Division HQ
  • Shell Gas Station
  • Jurong West Fire Post
  • Nanyang Neighbourhood Police Station


All these facilities are easily accessible for the residents of the HDB buildings near the Jurong West Ave 5.


Jurong West Avenue 5 connects with several streets such as Jurong West Street 71, Jurong West Street 81, Jurong West Street 72, Jurong West Street 75 and Jurong West Avenue 3.

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 726
Jurong West Avenue 5, 640726
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 727
Jurong West Avenue 5, 640727