Tao Ching Road

About Tao Ching Road

Looking for a street in Jurong West? You should keep your eyes out for Tao Ching Road first. Basically, Jurong West has undergone a series of renovations to attain the lofty heights it maintains at the moment. However, streets like Tao Ching Road are the reason the fascinated real estate destination is one of the best in Singapore. Starting from the early ‘60s, Jurong West was created to meet one purpose: to cater for residential needs of the people. Fortunately, the areas boast of more than 20 streets part of which Tao Chin Road is notably popular.


Tao Ching Road is one of the pioneer streets that were created shortly after the construction of Jurong West. As far back as 1971, the serene and comfortable environment could only accommodate a sparse population. Even though that hasn’t changed till date, Tao Ching Road is for the lovers of ambience and tranquil. An area with a total search volume of 200, it is a worthy competitor with the likes of Yong Ho Road and Boon Lay Drive. This area has a postal range of 610103 to 610113. This property includes 3 blocks with 140 HDB units. The 3 bedrooms apartments are the only available construction for rentals. Tao Chin Road covers a tiny fraction of the total 9.90 square kilometers of Jurong West HDB. Therefore, the street is relatively minute and sparsely populated. Meanwhile, there are other perks to look forward to in Tao Ching.


Like its contemporaries, Tao Ching is well-suited for a bourgeois lifestyle. From time immemorial, the apartments have catered for comfort and sustainable living at low-cost amounts. More so, the available amenities are of world-class standards. Other important areas are health center, educational centers, recreational centers, worship centers, and financial institutions. Therefore, you get to enjoy a wide array of facilities that the densely populated areas enjoy as well.


Transportation facilities are available to the local residents to foster a strong connection with the other parts of the city such as Pioneer, Boon Lay, and West Coast. If you travel by train, you may like the Chinese Garden MRT station, Jurong East MRT station and the Lakeside MRT station. Road travelers have the options of Jurong West Avenue 2, Boon Lay, and the Pan Island Expressway. And on days when you don’t feel the need to drive, you may hire cars or taxis for convenience.


Tao Chin Road truly offers quality and sustainable living for the single or married. Notable areas worthy of mention are:


Educational institutions

  • Shuqun Primary School
  • Jurong West Primary School
  • Xingnan Primary School
  • Pioneer Primary School
  • Boon Lay Secondary School
  • Yuhua Secondary School


Recreational parks

  • Jurong Cineplex
  • Palm View Garden
  • Jurong Hill Park


Shopping Centres

  • Gek Poh Shopping Mall
  • Pioneer Mall
  • Jurong Point Shopping Centre
  • Taman Jurong Shopping Centre


Community Centres and Clubs

  • GEK POH Community Centre
  • SAFRA Jurong


Other streets within close proximity and range include Yuan Ching Road and Corporation Drive.

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 113
Tao Ching Road, 610113
Tao Ching Road, 618721