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J.A. Goh 吴永益
Hi Martin,

Yes, you are right. In my opinion, unless you are buying landed, then you should go for Freehold. For condo, at most 25 yrs, maybe it would be en-bloc. So it didn't really make much difference. Let me know if you decided to purchase one condo, I would be glad to hunt for your dream home.

Please feel free to drop me an email or call me directly for further discussion.

Thanks & Best Regards
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i will buy a 99 yrs...
singapore is only 40yrs +
and houses in singapore ... if more than 20 yrs ...will be more likely be'demolished' otherwise cannot match with the progress of society.

personally and most important, buy within your budget, look for locations near mrt, small units , easy to rent out and lower risk if in property slump
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