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Hi Jasmine,

I am Zann, a Estate Agent specialising in Yishun HDBs. I believe your unit should be a 4ng unit at a size of 95sqm. The estimated Val pricing should be in the range 295 to 315k and COV should be in the range of 30 - 45k depending on the unit condition.

Pricing might even be higher depending on the unit condition.

I would definately be honored if you'd allow me to come up to have a look and to show you a short presentation of what pricing your house can fetch.

You may simply give me a ring or drop me an sms and I will arrange an appointment to visit your unit.

Zann Tan
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Yishun Specialist
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a good agent can advise and show you the past transaction, sales trend.. financial calculations..bank info..
pls call 9680 4288  if you need another opinion
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I May try to help you..Do feel free to drop your property detail to my email at
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Look forward to discuss my marketing strategy with you
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