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Hi SM,

There are many school of thoughts. My advise is check on the recent transactions and feel if you were to sell your unit at the prices, will you be comfortable in selling? Getting a tenants 1st and selling later is an option which assures you of income, but when a unit is tenanted, it maybe tougher to sell, since tenants may not be around to open the unit for viewing, or the conditions of the unit may not be as well maintained by the tenants, as a result turning potential buyers away so on and so forth.

At the end of the day, study the whole situation and choose an option which gives you the best comfort.

Demand in the north has been steadily rising as compared to other sectors where prices are slightly pricier, yet in terms of town developments, north is not lacking as compared to east or other areas.

I'm also proud to say that I have a pretty good track record in the north, therefore should it be sale or rent, I am pretty confident in assisting you.

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Hi Sir,

My advice would be to rent out now and maybe start selling with tenancy.

If there are any offers that arises, you can consider whether you accept or not.

However, i would like to explain the pros and cons for both options. Do give me a call when you are free @ 9386-0900  and we can dicuss this in details.

thank you.

Kelvin Ng
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