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Hi Sharon,

1) If you engage agent to sell your property, definitely need to pay agent fee.
2) If you engage agent for HDB buying, need to pay agent fee. For private property, usually no need to pay.
3) I would rather engage an agent and pay him the commission to do everything and sit back relax.

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Ander Ang
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Dear Sharon,

Engaging the services of salesperson for selling and purchasing will definitely incur service fees. No salesperson will work for free. The key thing in engaging the services of a salesperson should not be focused on how much the fees are but rather, how much the salesperson can assist you to make for selling or save for purchasing with his skills and knowledge.

You may come to notice that some salesperson charges lower than others for certain reason, maybe they are part time salesperson who do not rely on the income of this trade to survive.

As regulated, all service fees are negotiable and must be agreed on by both client and salesperson for any case.

From your enquiry, it seems to me that you are looking to sell your existing property and thereafter purchase another property. This will require proper and intricate planning in terms of physically to ensure that you have a roof overhead at all times as well as financially to ensure that the cash proceeds of your sale can be utilised for your purchase.

What you will require is a efficient team of salesperson to take care of your real estate requirements. If my team of dedicated salesperson can assist you, do let me know.


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Hi Sharon,

I believe you should have the answer in mind by now.

In market, all service fees are negotiable with the agent you engaging...

As for whether do agent accept a nominal fees or full service fee for documentation, its subjective. That will depends whether this agent would like to take the risk. Every Agent has a legal liability from his/her signature signed.

So its important to choose the Right Agent to advise you wisely & protect your interest at all time.

Best Regards,
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Hi Sharon,

I guess yuor question had already been answered.

Selling = 2% + 7%GST
Buying = 1% + 7%GST

Commission is negotiable between you and the agent.

Feel free to contact me if you require my service. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
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YT Tan (陈永达)

By engaging a salesperson to assist you in all your transactions (be it sale/ purchase), commission is payable but it's negotiable between you and your representative.

FYI seller's agent in HDB transactions do not assist in buyer's paperwork and accepts commission because it infringes the dual representation policy set by CEA thus for HDB transactions, it will be in your best interests to engage your own salesperson to negotiate the purchase price and assist you with your paperwork.

As for private transactions, NORMALLY buyers do not pay commission. Thus if you are a direct buyer of a private property, you don't have to pay.

Hope the above helps!

Commission scheme as for your reference:

HDB transactions:
(1) Sale - 2% of sale price plus GST
(2) Purchase - 1% of purchase price plus GST


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