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Yes you are right, EC is only for Singaporean or SPR. Therefore as a foreigner, you are limited to non-linear private residential property.

As a foreigner looking to purchase a private property, I wish to share with you the following fees and charges.
1. Buyer stamp duty (3% of purchased price minus S$5,400)
2. Additional buyer stamp duty (15% of purchased price)
3. Legal fees (S$2,500 to S$3,500)
4. Misc fees (valuation, insurance)

For financing wise, with the estimated income of S $2,800 , assuming no other loans and commitments:
Following TDSR guidelines, your max monthly instalment should be around S$1,680.

Currently there are some projects that give discount to help buyer offset the impact of ABSD.

Do contact me if you wish to share with me.more of your concern so that I can better assist you.
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