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Unfortunately, you will not be eligible to buy a Built-To-Order (BTO) flat as you must form a family nucleus and include your husband's name.

You cannot buy it solely under your name.

Your husband must dispose of his condominium and wait out a 30 months period before you are allowed to buy the BTO flat.

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Ling CK

1) As long as you are under married status, your spouse must be included in your application being for BTO or resale, he will be automatically be an essential occupier if not owner.
2) Since your spouse own a private property, it means that you could only apply for BTO 30 months after dispose of the private property.
3) The above criteria has nothing to do type of financing your purchase.

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Aaron Chong
Hi, nope you can’t use your sole name as you are already married.

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Hakim Halim

Here are your other options..
If you decide to sell the Condo (and buy another one later), you can buy a HDB RESALE immediately after selling.
But buying a BTO requires a waiting period of 30 months if you can wait.
You can be registered as owner of HDB and your spouse as an essential occupier. Your spouse can then purchase a private property under his own name after MOP of 5 years. If you can wait, then this is possible..
No ABSD for him as an essential occupier, it does not count as owning a property. Hope this helps !

- Hakim
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Taufik Hussein

Unfortunately, as long as you are married, HDB does not allow you to purchase a flat alone even if you are above 35 years of age. You need to include your husband at least as a occupier of the BTO unit you bought. However since your husband already owns a private condo, he is not eligible to be listed even as an occupier as HDB rules states that an essential occupier must not own a private property within 30 months before purchased of a subsidised HDB. I am specialised HDB transaction. Do contact me at 93375051 for a free and non obligatory discussion on this.

Taufik Hussein
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Silvia Yang
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Robbie Chen Chee Howe
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Irregardless whether you're using CPF, you are still not eligible to apply for a BTO flat as your husband owns a private property.

You can consider HDB resale flat though, but your husband will need to be included as the essential occupier. This means that he will need to sell off his condo latest within 6 months upon the HDB flat purchase.

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