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Hi Ms. Liu,

Sure you can DIY the sale process, but there are still many reasons why an agent can value-add to the process, and it is no coincidence that most successful sale transactions are conducted through agents.

If you are willing to commit the next 6 months to understand fully the HDB procedures and whole marketing process, for eg. who can be eligible to buy your units, how to price correctly at fair value, secure a high number of viewings in this quiet market, solicit enough offers, get calls at late hours, follow up with the buyers, tweak your schedules and commit your weekends, negotiate a good price without feeling emotional and selling way under value in the process, make sure all timelines are met promptly in the HDB resale process, and if the buyers are first timers without agents, make sure they know what's going on without delaying the deal etc, you may want to DIY the sale because I have seen individuals who are willing to commit the effort and time, at the expense of other priorities. I respect their efforts to do so, and many have come to understand our agents job better after that and realize it is no easy job that requires you to compromise your other priorities. It is better off paying the commission instead for an agent who is willing to safeguard your interests and work long-term with you, and in the end we value-add to your time since its our full-time job to get your housing requirements met, and you can attend to other more.important issues. At the end, if we negotiate a 5-10K higher than market value, it would have paid off the commission, wouldn't you think so?

Please let me know if I can assist further with your housing plans. Thanks and hope to hear from you again and have the opportunity to work with you.

Warm regards,
Ivan ERA
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Hi Ms Liu Tian,

Unfortunately this site does not allow homeowner to put up property ads for DIY cases. In a similar situation, I believe most people to opt to go for free parking in a carpark than paid parking if both types of carparks are just side by side. Nevertheless, I believe my fellow professionals have also shared with you the benefits a capable salesperson can bring to you. Given that you already have the knowledge to conduct your own sale, the marketing efforts required is definitely more than what you may think of by simply posting up on marketing media and waiting for calls. Most of the time, by the time your ad has just been posted on the media, your advertisement could probably be flooded out by advertisements posted by a salesperson within minutes and buyers may not see your ad at all. Furthermore, commissions are only payable when a salesperson has successfully secured a buyer paying a right price for your place, therefore you can probably build in these costs into the final price, which simply means that the buyer is paying the salesperson for you.

Let me know if you feel that my resale team can come in to value add your sales assignment.


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Hi Liu Tian, sure you are able to post your unit for sale at those free website like gumtree or even thru newspaper ad marketing the unit all by yourself. But if you do not know the legality terms and the whole process, it could lead you to more headaches and trouble maybe. And by having an agent and just by paying a small percentage amount of the overall selling price, it could save you a lot of time and most importantly a peace of mind. Pls feel free to let me know if you need any assistance.

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Hi Ms Liu,

We are license agent whom are train and taught on the procedure. If you don't want to be trouble by all these, do give me a call.

Property guru posting is meant for license agent to post here. You can try to advertise on the newspaper or Gumtree if you really want to do it yourself. Let me know if you need my assistance.

Best Regards,
Joshua Koh
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