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Chriss Lee
Hi Mr Leong,

The most important items to take note on, is the timing. We have done a number of upgraders cases and honestly speaking, this is a good time to cash out on HDB and upgrade to a condo.

Let me know if you are interested and I can drop by your place for a full explaination.


Chriss Lee
Benedict Lee
Hi! Leong,
I will be good we sit down for a discussion to draw out a plan.
Budget vs timing.
Other factors to consider are:
work place, school, life style etc...
Just give me a call at 81632138
Benedict Lee
LB Toh
Hi Leong,

I believe that through all the advices that you obtained from this portal, you can see that it all narrow down to a few things:

1. Timing
2. Financial management
3. Availability of properties
4. Planning of transition

With such considerations, you can be sure of a smooth transition.

However, the key point here is the Right Propety Consultant to guide you through the whole process and the transparency in policy and market derivations. There are numerous such agents but you need to be selective.

God bless!

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