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YT Tan (陈永达)
Good afternoon,

ABSD will be based on the number of residential property you own in Singapore.

Thus the purchase will be considered as your second property in Singapore and you therefore be subject to 7% ABSD as a SC.

Other than ABSD, do take note that you have to set aside a minimum sum of $77.5k in your CPF OA + SA before you can use the excess in this purchase of you have utilised CPF OA funds in your current property.

Loan amount will depends whether do you have any outstanding loan by then.

If you do, you only can loan up to 50%. Downpayment will be in 25% cash and 25% CPF/ cash. If you dont, you can loan up to 80%, downpayment will be 5% cash and 15% CPF/ cash.

Hope my explanation helps!

If you need any assistance or advice in your property purchase, feel free to contact me.

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Joanne Chia 谢诗琳
Kindly contact me for a no obligations chat for your property needs .

I have help my clients ( hdb owners ) buy private property wthout paying ABSD .

No commission chargeable when i serve private property buyers .

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