HDB BTO Prices Sorted by Estate and Price of Rooms in Singapore (From 2019 to May 2022)

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HDB BTO Prices Sorted by Estate and Price of Rooms in Singapore (From 2019 to May 2022)
HDB BTO season comes four times a year, and each quarter, the news reports about the hordes of hopefuls who cross their fingers and hope to be allocated a new flat from HDB. HDB BTO application rates can go over 10 times, especially for popular unit types and 4- and 5-room flats.
For instance, the recent HDB BTO May 2022 in Jurong West saw 3,294 applicants vying for the 214 5-room units, with the overall application rate being 15.4 for 3-room or larger flats for non-elderly applicants.
If you’re planning to ask your partner "BTO aimai?" and apply for any upcoming BTO or SBF launches, you’ll want to do some research to maximise your chances before taking the plunge. And what better way to do that than by studying past BTO prices and trends?
You would also have to check your HDB BTO application eligibility before applying for an HDB BTO flat. To know if you can qualify, you can check out the HDB BTO application eligibility portal on HDB’s website. Once you are on the HDB BTO application eligibility homepage, there are various schemes to look out for.
Do also take note of the new cooling measures when calculating your HDB-granted loan. For any purchase of new BTO flats from 16 December 2021, aspiring homeowners will face a lower LTV limit of 85% (from 90%). This means you would only be able to loan 85% of the property value.
Here is a list of past HDB BTO launch prices, from 2019 to May 2022, for 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats. Didn’t apply for any of the HDB BTO May 2022 launches? Check out the upcoming HDB BTO August 2022 launches.

HDB BTO Prices in District 3 (Queenstown, Tiong Bahru) and 4 (Telok Blangah, Harbourfront)

HDB BTO prices
The Bukit Merah BTO flats will be close to popular park attractions such as Mount Faber Park. Source: Visit Singapore
BTO launch
May 2021
Aug 2021
May 2022
May 2022
2-room Flexi flat prices
3-room flat prices
$419,000 to $504,000
$382,000 to $464,000
$377,000 to $509,000
$369,000 to $481,000
4-room flat prices
$602,000 to $710,000
$540,000 to $670,000
$540,000 to $737,000
$511,000 to $691,000
5-room flat prices
Bukit Merah is highly sought-after due to its location on the edge of the city core, but BTO launches in the area are scarce. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the May 2021 launch of Telok Blangah Beacon saw prices for 3-room flats hovering at around the half a million mark. Plus, the proximity to the upcoming Greater Southern Waterfront project makes launches in this area even more desirable.
It is likely that most of the launches in these HDB towns will fall under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model. However, the Bukit Merah Ridge project which was launched in the HDB BTO May 2022 round saw less demand compared to the previous PLH launches.
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HDB BTO Prices in District 7 (Rochor)

Nov 2021 Rochor HDB BTO flat
Source: HDB
BTO projectRiver Peaks I & II (Central – Rochor)
BTO launchNov 2021
2-room Flexi flat prices
3-room flat prices$409,000 to $474,000
4-room flat prices$582,000 to $688,000
5-room flat prices
The first BTO launched under the PLH model is the River Peaks I & II in Rochor. Under the PLH Model, these prime-location flats will face a longer MOP of 10 years and tighter rental conditions, and owners selling the flat will have to fork out a clawback subsidy of 6% of the resale price or flat’s valuation, whichever is higher, to HDB when they do sell the house.
These new measures were designed to prevent excessive windfall gains (to curb the "lottery effect") and keep public housing affordable, no matter the location.
Rochor is located within the Central Area of the Central Region of Singapore, sharing boundaries with Kallang, Newton, and Downtown Core. It is a walk away from Little India as well as Bugis, offering residents a plethora of amenities and eateries.

HDB BTO Prices in District 12 (Toa Payoh)

BTO launch
Feb 2020
Nov 2020
May 2022
2-room Flexi flat prices
$90,000 to $184,000
$162,000 to $263,000
3-room flat prices
$351,000 to $446,000
$324,000 to $397,000
$289,000 to $373,000
4-room flat prices
$395,000 to $666,000
$466,000 to $598,000
$420,000 to $559,000
5-room flat prices
$627,000 to $726,000
Toa Payoh is a popular mature estate located just a few MRT stops from the Orchard Road shopping belt and also has the benefit of long-standing amenities and F&B businesses.
New launches in the area thus tend to be on the pricey side, with some 4-room flats going for over $500,000.

HDB BTO Prices in District 13 (Bidadari)

HDB BTO impression of Bidadari Park
Artist Impression: The upcoming Bidadari Park. Source: HDB
BTO projectAlkaff Breeze, Bartley GreenRise, ParkEdge @ Bidadari
BTO launchFeb 2021
2-room Flexi flat prices
3-room flat prices$312,000 to $362,000
4-room flat prices$464,000 to $580,000
5-room flat prices$611,000 to $728,000
The redevelopment of the Bidadari area was controversial at the outset, but buyers seem to have let bygones be bygones and rushed to snap up flats in the area. The fledgling estate actually enjoys an attractive location not very far from the city centre, which is reflected in its relatively high prices.

HDB BTO Prices in District 14 (Kallang/Whampoa, Geylang)

Kallang Breeze, Towner Crest (Kallang/Whampoa)
Feb 2019
$374,000 to $472,000 (3-room)

$523,000 to $674,000 (4-room)
Kempas Residences (Kallang/Whampoa)
May 2019
$117,000 to $145,000 (2-room Flexi)

$378,000 to $469,000 (3-room)

$562,000 to $674,000 (4-room)
Dakota One (Geylang)
Aug 2020
$355,000 to $421,000 (3-room)

$523,000 to $617,000 (4-room)
McNair Heights (Kallang/Whampoa)
Feb 2021
$117,000 to $182,000 (2-room Flexi)

$359,000 to $435,000 (3-room)

$532,000 to $672,000 (4-room)
MacPherson Weave (Geylang)
May 2021
$180,000 to $269,000 (2-room Flexi)

$343,000 to $405,000 (3-room)

$489,000 to $626,000 (4-room)
Towner Residences (Kallang/Whampoa)
Aug 2021
$336,000 to $440,000 (3-room)

$500,000 to $656,000 (4-room)
Kent Heights (Kallang/Whampoa)
Nov 2021
$192,000 to $309,000 (2-room Flexi)

$511,000 to $660,000 (4-room)
Dakota Crest (Geylang)
Feb 2022
$205,000 to $315,000 (2-room Flexi)

$352,000 to $456,000 (3-room)

$522,000 to $688,000 (4-room)
King George’s Heights (Kallang/Whampoa)
Feb 2022
$353,000 to $462,000 (3-room)

$488,000 to $675,000 (4-room)
Properties in District 14 tend to be in high demand thanks to their city-fringe location in popular and vibrant neighbourhoods. The Kallang/Whampoa area has the advantage of being a sporting district, while Geylang is home to a wealth of established local eateries.
There are tons of nearby cafes along the Siglap/Joo Chiat/Katong stretch too. As expected, living in the area is relatively expensive, with prices for 4-room flats crossing the $500,000 mark.
Browse resale HDB flats in Geylang and Kallang/Whampoa for sale on PropertyGuru.

HDB BTO Prices in District 18 (Tampines, Pasir Ris)

Tampines GreenGlen (Tampines)
Sep 2019
$312,000 to $380,000 (4-room)

$418,000 to $504,000 (5-room)
Tampines GreenSpring (Tampines)
Nov 2019
$145,000 to $216,000 (2-room Flexi)

$281,000 to $328,000 (3-room)

$394,000 to $480,000 (4-room)

$508,000 to $606,000 (5-room)
Costa Grove (Pasir Ris)
Aug 2020
$137,000 to $198,000 (2-room Flexi)

$245,000 to $317,000 (3-room)

$374,000 to $460,000 (4-room)

$493,000 to $581,000 (5-room)
Tampines GreenCrest, Tampines GreenGlade, Tampines GreenOpal (Tampines)
Aug 2020
$205,000 to $265,000 (3-room)

$311,000 to $390,000 (4-room)

$423,000 to $517,000 (5-room)
Tampines GreenEmerald (Tampines)
Nov 2020
$130,000 to $192,000 (2-room Flexi)

$334,000 to $410,000 (4-room)

$460,000 to $538,000 (5-room)
Tampines GreenJade (Tampines)
Aug 2021
$342,000 to $419,000 (4-room)

$475,000 to $564,000 (5-room)
Tampines GreenQuartz (Tampines)
Aug 2021
$142,000 to $196,000 (2-room Flex)

$244,000 to $291,000 (3-room)

$352,000 to $445,000 (4-room)

$485,000 to $597,000 (5-room)
Located in the Far East of Singapore, Tampines and Pasir Ris tend to offer affordable flat prices. Tampines is particularly popular with residents as it is a mature estate with established facilities that nonetheless command relatively low property prices, with most new 4-room flats in the August 2021 BTO exercise being priced at under $400,000.
The upcoming August 2022 Tampines BTO launch will see about 260 4-room and 5-room flats launched.

HDB BTO Prices in District 19 (Sengkang, Punggol, Hougang)

hdb bto: Punggol PMD park connector
Living in Punggol will make any PMD purchase worth it.
Fernvale Vines (Sengkang)
Feb 2019
$102,000 to $151,000 (2-room Flexi)

$191,000 to $242,000 (3-room)

$283,000 to $344,000 (4-room)

$365,000 to $433,000 (5-room)
Punggol Point Cove, Punggol Point Crown (Punggol)
Sep 2019
$109,000 to $173,000 (2-room Flexi)

$205,000 to $268,000 (3-room)

$287,000 to $398,000 (4-room)

$423,000 to $551,000 (5-room)
Hougang Citrine (Hougang)
Aug 2021
$108,000 to $156,000 (2-room Flexi)

$199,000 to $240,000 (3-room)

$324,000 to $368,000 (4-room)

$392,000 to $482,000 (5-room)
Kovan Wellspring (Hougang)
Aug 2021
$153,000 to $234,000 (2-room Flexi)

$289,000 to $340,000 (3-room)

$413,000 to $507,000 (4-room)
Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang
Nov 2021
$318,000 to $389,000 (4-room)

$419,000 to $495,000 (5-room)
Hougang Olive (Hougang)
Nov 2021
$308,000 to $377,000 (4-room)

$416,000 to $488,000 (5-room)
Due to low prices and large volumes of BTO launches over the past decade, Punggol has found popularity as a district for young families, with amenities like Punggol Waterway Park springing up to cater to this demographic and those who enjoy the benefits of living near nature. Parts of Punggol are still under construction, which makes it more suitable for future-oriented buyers.
Hougang’s two BTO projects in November 2021 also found popularity amongst parents planning ahead for their children, with choice schools around the vicinity including Maris Stella High School and Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School.

HDB BTO Prices in District 20 (Ang Mo Kio, Bishan)

Yio Chu Kang Beacon (Ang Mo Kio)
Nov 2019
$170,000 to $253,000 (2-room Flexi)

$332,000 to $391,000 (3-room)

$451,000 to $563,000 (4-room)
Kebun Baru Edge (Ang Mo Kio)
Aug 2020
$423,000 to $550,000 (4-room)

$571,000 to $725,000 (5-room)
Bishan Towers (Bishan)
Aug 2020
$176,000 to $277,000 (2-room Flexi)

$302,000 to $408,000 (3-room)

$484,000 to $617,000 (4-room)
Bishan Ridges (Bishan)
Nov 2020
$121,000 to $179,000 (2-room Flexi)

$374,000 to $470,000 (3-room)

$528,000 to $679,000 (4-room)
Ang Mo Kio and Bishan are popular mature estates that enjoy a wealth of established eateries and community facilities. While not on the city fringe, the area is considered fairly accessible from the city centre. BTO prices are not cheap (and the estate is home to many million-dollar HDB flats), but still slightly more affordable than neighbouring mature estate Toa Payoh’s.

HDB BTO Prices in District 22 (Boon Lay, Jurong, Tuas)

HDB BTO: jurong region line
Artist’s impression of the Jurong Region Line.
BTO launch
Feb 2019
Aug 2021
Nov 2021
May 2022
2-room Flexi flat prices
$95,000 to $160,000
$121,000 to $189,000
$107,000 to $180,000
3-room flat prices
$185,000 to $243,000
$237,000 to $281,000
$173,000 to $229,000
$215,000 to $265,000
4-room flat prices
$257,000 to $364,000
$347,000 to $436,000
$264,000 to $321,000
$320,000 to $393,000
5-room flat prices
$338,000 to $457,000
$412,000 to $526,000
For those who wish to enjoy the dynamism of the west side of Singapore, the Jurong Lake district is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its scenic location and proximity to the Jurong East commercial district. Classified as a non-mature estate, Jurong now enjoys a wealth of amenities even as BTO prices remain relatively affordable.
With the upcoming Jurong Region Line, Singapore’s seventh MRT line, the area will be more connected than ever. Read more on the upcoming Aug 2022 Jurong East BTO launch here.

HDB BTO Prices in District 23 (Hillview, Dairy Farm, Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang)

BTO launch
Aug 2020
Feb 2021
2-room Flexi flat prices
$99,000 to $143,000
$92,000 to $144,000
3-room flat prices
$164,000 to $214,000
$175,000 to $221,000
4-room flat prices
$253,000 to $326,000
$260,000 to $334,000
5-room flat prices
$384,000 to $460,000
District 23, located in the Northwest of Singapore, is an affordable non-mature estate, with 4-room BTO flats going for around $300,000. Residents not content with neighbourhood malls can opt to travel to the Jurong East or Upper Bukit Timah areas for their shopping and lifestyle needs.
For those who want to live in Choa Chu Kang, learn more about the upcoming August 2022 Choa Chu Kang BTO launch.

HDB BTO Prices in District 24 (Lim Chu Kang, Tengah)

HDB BTO artist impression of Garden Bloom at Tengah
Garden Bloom at Tengah BTO Artist’s Impression. Source: HDB
Garden Vale @ Tengah, Plantation Acres
May 2019
$106,000 to $154,000 (2-room Flexi)

$192,000 to $246,000 (3-room)

$309,000 to $357,000 (4-room)

$415,000 to $480,000 (5-room)
Garden Vines @ Tengah, Plantation Village, Plantation Grange
Nov 2019
$110,000 to $167,000 (2-room Flexi)

$208,000 to $256,000 (3-room)

$302,000 to $381,000 (4-room)

$409,000 to $510,000 (5-room)
Parc Residences @ Tengah
Aug 2020
$108,000 to $157,000 (2-room Flexi)

$198,000 to $248,000 (3-room)

$303,000 to $364,000 (4-room)

$418,000 to $489,000 (5-room)
Garden Court @ Tengah, Garden Terrace @ Tengah
Nov 2020
$108,000 to $150,000 (2-room Flexi)

$194,000 to $233,000 (3-room)

$288,000 to $366,000 (4-room)

$394,000 to $487,000 (5-room)
Parc Woods @ Tengah
Feb 2021
$110,000 to $167,000 (2-room Flexi)

$209,000 to $239,000 (3-room)

$298,000 to $359,000 (4-room)
Garden Bloom @ Tengah
May 2021
$113,00 to $167,000 (2-room Flexi)

$299,000 to $359,000 (4-room)

$404,000 to $495,000 (5-room)
Parc Clover @ Tengah, Parc Glen @ Tengah
Nov 2021
$119,000 to $190,000 (2-room Flexi)

$194,000 to $257,000 (3-room)

$312,000 to $390,000 (4-room)

$428,000 to $519,000 (5-room)
Plantation Creek
Feb 2022
$309,000 to $377,000 (4-room)

$420,000 to $506,000 (5-room)
Tengah in the northwest of Singapore is currently undergoing extensive development, hence the high number of BTO launches in the last two years. It is one of the most affordable estates to buy a flat in, although residents will need to contend with extensive construction for many years after moving in.

HDB BTO Prices in District 25 (Woodlands)

Champions Green
May 2019
$86,000 to $128,000 (2-room Flexi)

$165,000 to $194,000 (3-room)

$244,000 to $295,000 (4-room)

$470,000 to $495,000 (5-room)
Champions Bliss, UrbanVille @ Woodlands
Aug 2020
$90,000 to $162,000 (2-room Flexi)

$184,000 to $228,000 (3-room)

$276,000 to $381,000 (4-room)

$405,000 to $516,000 (5-room)
Woodgrove Ascent
May 2021
$98,000 to $148,000 (2-room Flexi)

$185,000 to $228,000 (3-room)

$275,000 to $373,000 (4-room)

$372,000 to $491,000 (5-room)
Woodlands in the north of Singapore is one of the more affordable areas to live in. While a considerable distance from the city centre, the area enjoys proximity to Johor Bahru and also boasts a range of established amenities such as Causeway Point despite its status as a non-mature estate.
The upcoming August 2022 Woodlands BTO launch will be a short five-minute walk away from Woodlands South MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line.

HDB BTO Prices in District 27 (Yishun, Sembawang)

Canberra Vista (Sembawang)
Feb 2020
$89,000 to $141,000 (2-room Flexi)

$177,000 to $210,000 (3-room)

$272,000 to $320,000 (4-room)

$350,000 to $406,000 (5-room)
Sun Sails (Sembawang)
Nov 2020
$92,000 to $122,000 (2-room Flexi)

$163,000 to $189,000 (3-room)

$260,000 to $302,000 (4-room)

$336,000 to $388,000 (5-room)
Grove Spring @ Yishun
Feb 2022
$102,000 to $145,000 (2-room Flexi)

$180,000 to $248,000 (3-room)

$270,000 to $362,000 (4-room)

$385,000 to $485,000 (5-room)
Yishun Boardwalk (Yishun)
Feb 2022
$95,000 to $149,000 (2-room Flexi)

$189,000 to $239,000 (3-room)

$276,000 to $374,000 (4-room)

$410,000 to $490,000 (5-room)
Yishun Beacon (Yishun)
May 2022
$123,000 to $184,000 (2-room Flexi)

$328,000 to $418,000 (4-room)

$485,000 to $595,000 (5-room)
Singapore’s northernmost district comprises sleepy neighbourhoods, Sembawang, Yishun and Admiralty. Their distance from the city centre is what makes launch prices relatively affordable.
The draw for many who apply for a BTO flat at Yishun and Sembawang is the tranquillity of the neighbourhoods. Being situated away from the bustle of the city and having various reservoirs, green spaces, and even a hot spring garden, make the areas attractive places to live in.
Compared to Yishun, Sembawang is a peaceful non-mature estate that is currently undergoing development, with plans for a new mall and sports hub in the works. Yishun, on the other hand, is best known for ORTO, a 24-hour hidden adventure park brimming with plenty of family-fun activities and restaurants to keep residents entertained. Meanwhile, you can also see what the May BTO 2022 Yishun launch had to offer.
Last but not least, if you weren’t successful in balloting during the last May BTO 2022 launch, the next upcoming BTO round is just a few months away. Look out for our reviews on the Aug BTO 2022 launches!
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    More FAQs about Buying BTO Flats in Singapore 

    Check out our HDB BTO launch guide page. The latest one being the May BTO 2022 while the next upcoming round would be the August BTO 2022 launch.

    Yes, BTO flats tend to be cheaper than resale flats as they are subsidised by the Government.

    The waiting time for BTO flats is usually about three to four years. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, there may be delays, stretching it to five years or more.