HDB BTO February 2023 Tengah Review: Affordable Flats in New Housing Estate

Joanne Poh
HDB BTO February 2023 Tengah Review: Affordable Flats in New Housing Estate
Note: The February 2023 BTO launches have been released. Applications close on 6 March 2023, 11.59pm.
On 2 March 2023, Mr Desmond Lee, Minister of National Development, announced new BTO balloting mechanisms to improve the effectiveness of BTO flat allocation.
First-timer BTO applicants who receive a BTO ballot after August 2023 but do not select a flat will be considered second-timers for a year. They won’t be allowed to apply for a BTO flat at all for a year after their second BTO application if they still are unable to decide on a flat.
During this BTO season, that is definitely something to keep in mind when filling out your BTO application. In the February 2023 BTO launch, Brickland Weave at Tengah is bounded by Brickland Road and Tengah Boulevard, and houses 1,641 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, and 5-room units.
Located to the west of Bukit Batok, Tengah is an up-and-coming area that is being built from the ground up, which explains the recent frequency of BTO launches in the area. It might be accurate to say Tengah is basically the ‘new’ Punggol.
Recently, it was also announced that Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) will be moving from its current campus in Barker Road to Tengah in 2030. Somehow, we have a feeling this is only the start of many other exciting announcements for the estate!

How Can I Apply for BTO in Singapore?

Watch our video on how to apply for an HDB BTO flat in Singapore.

Brickland Weave February 2023 BTO Tengah Map

Location of Brickland Weave Feb 2023 Tengah BTO flats, bounded by Brickland Road and Tengah Boulevard. Source: HDB

Brickland Weave Tengah BTO Location (HDB BTO Feb 2023) Launch

Name of the BTO 2023 Feb Tengah launchBrickland Weave
AddressBounded by Brickland Road and Tengah Boulevard
Nearest MRT stationKeat Hong LRT station (present), and Chua Chu Kang West MRT station (along the upcoming Jurong Regional Line (JRL), from 2027 to 2029)
Nearest bus interchangeBukit Batok bus interchange
Nearest schoolsChoa Chu Kang Primary School, Concord Primary School, Dunearn Secondary School, and St Anthony’s Primary School
Other nearby amenitiesKeat Hong shopping centre
The Brickland Weave site is bounded by Brickland Road and Tengah Boulevard. It is also situated in the heart of the developing Tengah neighbourhood. Choa Chu Kang West MRT station (expected to open in 2027), located along the upcoming JRL, will be located within walking distance.
Despite the availability of an MRT station within walking distance, Brickland Weave is still quite far away from the city centre, making it more convenient for those who can work from home or whose workplaces are in the west.
To ensure convenience for residents, the government has big plans to turn Tengah into a sustainable housing estate with Singapore’s first car-free town centre. However, it is going to take time for the neighbourhood to grow and develop, hence residents should steel themselves for years of construction and a lack of long-standing amenities.
The Brickland Weave BTO site is located in the southeast of Tengah. This is actually a good location within Tengah as it is relatively near more established neighbourhoods Bukit Batok and Jurong East. This could be pivotal for future residents in the early years as they wait for amenities in the area to establish themselves.

Brickland Weave Tengah BTO Price (HDB BTO February 2023 Launch)

2-room Flexi
From $111,000
$132,000 to $182,000
From $214,000
$231,000 to $273,000
From $307,000
$309,000 to $403,000
From $427,000
$420,000 to $525,000
With 1,641 units up for grabs, it should be pretty easy to successfully ballot for a flat in Tengah in the HDB BTO February 2023 exercise, especially as there were Tengah launches in two prior BTO exercises in 2022.
There are no resale statistics for Tengah as it is a new non-mature estate still undergoing development. However, new flats in Tengah are affordably priced, hence it is likely they will enable owners to earn a tidy profit if they sell them soon after they fulfil their Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).

Budgeting for Your Tengah HDB BTO 2023 Home Loan

The Tengah February BTO flats may be affordable starter homes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to plan your finances and work out how much you can afford.
2-room Flexi
$19,400 down payment, estimated $352 monthly mortgage repayments
$24,250 down payment, estimated $384 monthly mortgage repayments
$38,000 down payment, estimated $690 monthly mortgage repayments
$142,500 down payment, estimated $706 monthly mortgage repayments
$58,200 down payment, estimated $1,056 monthly mortgage repayments
$54,562.50 down payment, estimated $2,702 monthly mortgage repayments
$80,200 down payment, estimated $1,460 monthly mortgage repayments
$100,250 down payment, estimated $1,490 monthly mortgage repayments
In the table above, we have used the lowest starting price estimates, but your actual price will vary depending on the unit you select. All prices stated here exclude CPF housing grants.
In accordance with the September 2022 property cooling measures, we have gone with an interest rate of 2.6% and a Loan-to-Value (LTV) of 80% for the HDB loan examples and an interest rate of 3.4% and an LTV of 75% for the bank loan examples. At the time of writing (28 February 2023), the lowest interest rate offered is 3.75%.
All of the above examples have been fleshed out on the basis of a 25-year loan. However, depending on your ability to take on higher monthly instalments, you might prefer to opt for a shorter loan tenure which will enable you to repay the loan sooner.
To obtain an estimate tailored to the specifics of your loan, play around with PropertyGuru’s affordability calculator. You can also speak to PropertyGuru Finance mortgage experts for personalised advice on home loans and financing.

Tengah BTO Amenities (HDB BTO February 2023 Launch)

Near a Future MRT Station

The future Choa Chu Kang West MRT station along the JRL will be located within walking distance of the Tengah BTO 2023 Feb project.

Near More Established Neighbourhoods

Brickland Weave is situated in Tengah, which might take some years to develop into an established neighbourhood. In the meantime, future residents can travel to nearby Bukit Batok and Jurong East, which are non-mature estates with a good range of amenities.

Green and Sustainable Environment

The government intends to develop Tengah into a sustainable neighbourhood with lots of greenery, community gardens, and Singapore’s first car-free town centre.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Carparks

Tengah will be well-placed to handle the government’s plans to phase out petrol cars, as selected lots in all car parks in the estate will have EV charging points.

Conclusion: Is the February 2023 Tengah HDB BTO Launch Worth Balloting For?

The Tengah BTO 2023 Feb is a relatively inexpensive option for BTO applicants on a budget. However, as Tengah is still under heavy development, applicants must be prepared to deal with construction and have the patience to wait for amenities to be established even years after moving in.

Pros of Tengah February BTO 2023 Launch

  • Affordable price
  • Walking distance to an upcoming MRT station
  • Nearby estates with good amenities
  • Upcoming green neighbourhood
  • A large supply of units is available

Cons of Tengah February BTO 2023 Launch

  • Estate under construction
  • Lack of established amenities
  • Far from the city centre
The Brickland Weave BTO site has an estimated waiting time of 48 months (i.e. four years). While there is a high probability that applicants will be able to secure a BTO flat within the estate, those who want more accessibility to the city centre may have to opt for the February 2023 BTO Kallang/Whampoa launch instead.

Applying for February 2023 HDB BTO Flats

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More FAQs About the HDB BTO Feb 2023 Launch

You can start applying to a BTO project after HDB announces them in February, May, August, and November.

The HDB Flat Portal lists the current and next BTO flats during BTO exercises.

You can only submit one application to one estate during a BTO exercise.