5 Top Luxury Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021/2022

Cheryl Chiew
5 Top Luxury Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021/2022
Comfort is key when designing our homes, and we want a living space where we can relax, unwind and feel safe.
Style and aesthetics are vital considerations too. It’s safe to say we want a home that exudes luxury and sophistication, as well as represents our likes and preferences. That’s why it’s no surprise that some couples or families are willing to shell out some serious dough to transform their living quarters into luxe, fanciful spaces with all sorts of modern comforts.
So if you’re planning on renovating and need some design inspiration, you can have a look at these HDB flats that look like condos or check out these renovation shows and YouTube channels.
Or you could start here and take inspiration from these 2021/2022 luxury design trends we found on Qanvast.

1. Feature Fluted Wall Panels

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Source: Qanvast | $130,000 | BTO
Why go for the standard painted wall when you can take it up one notch with fluted wall panels?
Reminiscent of Art Deco design commonly found in chic hotel lobbies or elegant hotel rooms, fluted wall panels are panels with raised vertical elements. Fluted wall panels add dimension to a room and have a texture that visually breaks up a space.
That’s what makes them so great to be used as a feature wall for your TV and home entertainment system. You can use them as a partition to separate your living room and kitchen areas. Alternatively, use fluted panels to create detail and conceal cabinetry in your wardrobe or bedroom to amp up the luxe factor with a sleek, clean look.
For a neutral look, you can install faux-wooden fluted panels to blend into the rest of your interior design seamlessly. One thing to note is that cleaning takes a bit more work because of the raised flutes.

2. Go Mad for Marble

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Source: Qanvast | $200,000 | Condo
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Source: Qanvast | $90,000 | Maisonette
Used since ancient times for buildings, monuments, flooring, statues and sculptures, the beautiful, natural metamorphic rock formed from limestone is durable, resilient and oh so pretty.
The sleek, polished surface of marble with its unique patterns and swirls adds opulence to your home. At the same time, its durability and timelessness make it a good investment that will stand the test of time.
In this iteration of the 2021/2022 interior design trend, think marble on marble on marble. Decide if you want a complete bathroom transformation with marble floors and walls, giving your bath and loo time an elevated air. In the kitchen, consider installing a marble kitchen island as the pièce de résistance of your home.
We already know marble is pricey. One thing to note is that the rarity of marble affects its price too. White marble, only found in Carrara, Italy, is costlier than other more readily available types.
If having marble-everything is out of your budget, try quartz and marble-like tiles to rock the look for less. Alternatively, you could incorporate just a hint of marble into your furniture – tables, consoles, shelves, countertops – or a small portion of your wall.

3. Opt for Open Bathrooms

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Source: Qanvast | $150,000 | Resale HDB
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The open bathroom concept is commonly seen in newer boutique luxury hotels, and it seems more are opting to recreate this look at home to curb wanderlust. If you can trick yourself into thinking you’re in a hotel room, then maybe you can pretend you’re on holiday, right?
Replacing regular walls with a glass panel or hacking it down allows more light and makes a space appear bigger. If you have the space and budget, add a free-standing bathtub to nail the hotel room aesthetic.
Open-concept bathrooms make more sense for master bedrooms and couples. When applied to common toilets, the design can create an awkward situation for guests. Of course, there are ways to work around this situation. Your bathroom doesn’t have to remain ‘open’ all the time if you add blinds or use frosted glass to keep things PG.

4. Choose a Dark Colour Palette

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Source: Qanvast | $64,000 | BTO
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Source: Qanvast | $75,000 | Condo
White-on-white, light wood and pastel tones are nice, cheery and warm. That’s why the popularity of minimalist and Scandinavian styles have endured in Singapore. But lately, darker colour palettes are catching on.
Darker colours can transform the look of a place to one that’s dramatic, muted and sophisticated. Aside from black, shades of brown, space grey, dark green and deep blue are solid colours to consider.
Stick to three main colours for the whole house and follow the 60-30-10 rule for a well-balanced look. Have 60% of the colour scheme in the dominant colour, 30% in the secondary colour and 10% in the accent colour. Opt for complementary colours that match so that your interior looks effortless.
Using lighter or neutral shades as the secondary or accent colour generates contrast. Doing so draws your eye to parts of your home or furniture you wish to highlight.

5. Install Cosy Ambient Lighting

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Source: Qanvast | $70,000 | Condo
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Source: Qanvast | $40,000 | BTO
Having the right lighting is a game-changer as light affects our mood. When it’s time to unwind and relax, you’ll want the option to turn down your light settings for a cosy, relaxed and intimate vibe come evening time.
If you’re having trouble visualising this, think of diffused lighting in a bar and the feelings they evoke.
Instead of harsh white lighting originating from a single lamp, you want to pick multiple light fixtures and bulbs with a soft, warm glow. Install and artfully arrange these lights on your ceiling, and hide them behind walls or furniture. Experiment with coloured ambient lighting to lend your home an eclectic touch.

Luxury Interior Design Trends to Look Out for

Luxury interior design trends
How to implement it into your home
Fluted wall panels
As a feature wall or to hide storage space
Marble on marble
As part of floor tiles, kitchen countertops, sink tops
Open bathrooms
Hack down walls or install glass panels, with the option for blinds or frosted glass
Dark colour palette
Stick to the 60-30-10 rule for the dominant, secondary and accent shades, respectively. Experiment with different shades of wood, dark green, deep blue
Ambient lighting
Get soft lighting and install hidden fixtures
Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to transform your home into the height of luxury, you can start planning the renovation works.
Don’t forget about the HDB renovation permits you need, and be sure to factor in the HDB renovation costs as well. You’ll also need a dependable renovation contractor; check out these best practices on working with a renovation contractor.
After all that, it’s time for the fun part of the process, such as choosing the right lighting, buying furniture or adopting more eco-friendly renovation practices.
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More FAQs about Current Interior Design Trends in 2021/2022

Warm tones and natural elements such as real or fake natural materials are some popular trends as people make more eco-friendly choices.

Industry folks predict that these will be babouche (mustard), schoolhouse white (warm white), breakfast room green (dusty emerald), stone blue (bright, medium blue) and incarnadine (cherry red).

Spring Summer 2022 interior design trends include monochromatic, multifunctional, organic textures, pastel tones and lines.

Minimalism will be an interior decorating trend in 2022, where it involves minimal decoration and furniture to make more room.