11 HDB Flats That Were Renovated To Look Like Condos Inside

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When it comes to getting bang for your buck, HDB flats are unbeatable. Whether or not you get to take advantage of CPF housing grants to lower the price of your new home, you’re getting to own property in Singapore at a significantly lower price than what you’d pay on the private property market. 

People often think HDB flats have a cookie cutter design, or are not as luxurious as private homes. But they’ve obviously not seen the jaw-dropping results of a well-designed and renovated HDB flat.


Here Are 11 Stunning Homes You’d Never Guess Were HDB Flats 

For your reference, we’ve also included the estimated prices of the flats, plus the renovation costs. While some homeowners really went above and beyond, spending up to hundreds of thousands, some of these renovations were actually quite affordable, costing a reasonable $50,000 to $70,000.

Note: The estimated property prices are meant as a guide only, and are based on HDB resale transactions of similar unit size and location, from the last six to 12 months.


1. BTO flat at Circuit Road

hdb condo 1 (1)

hdb condo 1 (2)

Source: Qanvast

This 72 sqm BTO flat, with its woody, black-and-white palette, boasts a slightly masculine, yet refined look. The liberal use of black wooden panelling gives the space a touch of luxury.

One bedroom wall has been replaced with a louvered window, offering the appearance of an open-concept apartment while preserving privacy.

Every bit of space has been maximised thanks to the $90,000 renovation, with an office workspace built along the hallway, as well as a plethora of pull-out shelves in the kitchen that double as preparation counters.


2. Resale HDB flat at Tanglin Halt

hdb condo 2 (2)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

The elegant blue and white accents of this 91 sqm Tanglin Halt 4-room resale flat give it a clean, sleek look, while wooden furniture and quirky details ensure that it still looks welcoming and interesting.

The striped, handcrafted feature wall in the living room gives the space a chic appearance, while the quirky terrazzo tiles in the kitchen offer a slightly off-kilter vibe. The $70,000 renovation also took into account their two dogs, incorporating scratch-proof vinyl flooring in the communal areas.


3. Resale HDB flat at Dakota Crescent

hdb condo 3 (1)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

This 102 sqm flat’s renovation, which cost $80,000, turned it into a luxurious contemporary abode with a dark blue feature wall integrating the TV set, a chic wooden bar counter in the kitchen and grey industrial flooring in the communal areas.

The master bedroom is shrouded in darker shades with a long line of charcoal built-in cabinets, dark grey walls and a cosy reading nook by the window, giving it the plush vibe of a five-star hotel.


4. Resale HDB flat at Tiong Poh Road

hdb condo 4 (2)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

  • Estimated price: $700,000 (4-room flat in Tiong Bahru)
  • Renovation cost: $165,000

A $165,000 renovation completely transformed this 4-room resale flat in the Tiong Bahru area, turning it into a beautiful modern space with some retro elements.

From the contemporary living room feature wall with gold piping and the glass walls separating the bedroom from the corridors to the unique tiling on the bathroom walls, unique details give this flat an inimitable character.


5. BTO flat at Canberra Road

hdb condo 5 (2)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

The dark wood panelling and sleek, luxe furnishings make this 102 sqm flat the perfect place to sip a glass of whisky after a long day in the boardroom.

The use of expensive-looking furniture like the polished stone dining table and leather upholstered dining chairs reflect the owners’ love for the finer things in life, as does their walk-in wardrobe, which contains a display cabinet for their collection of designer watches.

At $50,000, the renovation was relatively affordable considering the extent of the flat’s transformation. In general, BTO flats are cheaper to renovate than resale flats, which sometimes have to factor in refurbishment works.


6. BTO flat at Tampines North Drive 1

hdb condo 6 (2)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

This flat’s $60,000 renovation turned the 110 sqm property into a stylish space with a touch of class. The use of gold accents in the light fixtures and chair legs offer a luxurious contrast to the marble-like kitchen table and upholstered dining chairs and bench.

The colour palette is largely composed of whites and grays with gold accents, creating a clean, refined ambiance.


7. BTO flat at Bukit Batok Street 21

hdb condo 7 (1)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

An ultra-modern look characterises this 113 sqm flat in Bukit Batok thanks to a $106,000 renovation. The use of sleek textures in the marble-like table and tiling give the flat’s living and dining areas the look of a high-end airport lounge.

The bedroom deviates from the mostly black, white and brown colour scheme with a dramatic splash of navy blue and light grey. In addition, one of the bedrooms has been converted into a luxurious dressing room, complete with a display case for watches and built-in wardrobes.


8. BTO flat at Fernvale Road

hdb condo 8 (2)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

A sleek, minimalistic look reigns in this 110 sqm flat, with a Japanese-inspired sliding door separating the communal areas from the corridor leading to the bedrooms.

Brown is the dominant shade, with extensive use of wooden panelling and flooring throughout the property. The distinctive vertical wood panelling, in particular, shows up everywhere from the living room and dining area to the bedrooms, and seamlessly hides storage spaces. The renovation cost $120,000, due in part to extensive carpentry.


9. BTO flat at Edgedale Plains

hdb condo 9 (1)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

This 121 sq m flat is a whimsical space that reflects its owners’ varied interests, thanks to a $70,000 makeover.

The colourful, quirky furniture in the living room faces a customised shelf displaying the owners’ extensive collection of books and other mementos. Instead of a dining table, the owners dine on bar stools at a kitchen island with a built-in wine cooler.

The walls between the master bedroom and an adjoining bedroom have been removed in order to integrate an office space with a standing desk overlooking a breathtaking view of surrounding greenery.


10.  BTO flat at Circuit Road

hdb condo 10  (2)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

This 70 sqm BTO flat, with its many reflective surfaces and gold accents, resembles a fancy bar thanks to a display of the owners’ extensive liquor collection behind the living room couch.

The marble-like dining table and green-upholstered and gold-legged chairs offer a luxurious dining experience thanks to a $150,000 renovation.


11. Resale HDB flat at McNair Road

hdb condo 11 (2)

Source: Qanvast

Source: Qanvast

A $140,000 renovation transformed this 92 sqm flat into a contemporary space with a marble-like feature wall that matches the coffee and dining tables, as well as luxurious display cases offering a view of the owners’ collection of wine and liquor glasses. The marble-like surface also graces the kitchen walls, countertops and bathroom walls.

One of the bedrooms has been transformed into a study which mimics a luxurious office. Meanwhile, the master bedroom’s dark wood panelled walls turn it into a haven of peace.


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