Bedok South Avenue 3

About Bedok South Avenue 3

If you are searching for a great house, then you must first cross-check the locality. There must be optimum facilities to fulfill your family’s requirements. Bedok South Avenue 3 is a street in Bedok HDB, where you can get the best house to live with many facilities to enjoy and utilize. The special factor Bedok South Avenue 3 is its location. It is situated alongside the line of Upper east coast road, which gives the residents over here an easy passage for transportation. The highway is located at the west and it is directly connected with the main road located inside. There is less traffic and more peace for people to live and enjoy their life over here.


Living in Bedok South Avenue 3, gives you an advantage of living to some of the busiest entertainment centres in Singapore. Bedok North Street 3, North Street 2 and North Road are one of the popular hangout hubs for the residents over here. Due to less traffic, it is easier for people over here to move to these places quite easily. From Hospitals, restaurants to childcare centres, you will find everything present in the nearby areas.


As far as housing property are concerned, there are total 22 blocks of HDBs available for rent and sale. The houses built have an approximate size of 650-3800 sq. The builder has focused on giving a strong interior design that will be suitable for house owners to do their own renovations as per their liking. From 460046 to 469312, there are total 100 HDBs that are present in the blocks and are currently up for sale. There are 1146 units in total, with the latest being developed in 1977 and the newest in 1986. They are mainly 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms and executive suites are offered in exclusive prices. Bedok is one of the epicenter of commercial centers, shopping markets and restaurants, so getting a house over here will be a blessing to your flamboyant lifestyle..


The main USP of Bedok South Avenue 3 is it is located near to the highway of Upper east coast road, which gives residents an easy route to go other parts of the city. Apart from highway, it is also adjacent to Bedok South Street which is a hub of entertainment centres and corporate offices. People staying here have an advantage of getting access to reach out to all corners of Singapore either through bus, MRT or Taxi. All of them are located close by to the area.


As far as Buses are concerned, there are few blocks in this area where they are a stoppage point for commuters There are several bus stop/bus stations in this street and the bus transportation is quite efficient. Bedok South Avenue is well connected to Bedok MRT station, Expo MRT station and Tanah Merah MRT station. These two stations are the main hub of transportation for residents of Bedok.


There must be no compromise on your child’s education and to solve this issue, Bedok South Avenue 3 has some of the best reputed schools and universities. Here is the list of popular ones;


Day Care Centres:

  • Stepping Stones Child Care & Learning Centre
  • Blossom Creative Centre (Bedok)
  • Rainbow Cove Pre-School @ Sennet
  • Little Genius Childcare & Development Centre
  • YWCA Child Development Centre (Bedok)


Preschool and Secondary Schools

  • Bedok Green Primary School
  • The Rock School - Bedok CC
  • Tanjong Katong Primary School
  • Cristofori Music School
  • Fengshan Primary School


You will not only find schools and child care facilities in the nearby area but also good quality restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets and recreational parks. These amenities are present nearby and we have mentioned it below;


Recreational Parks:

  • Sennett Avenue Linear Park
  • Siglap Linear Park
  • Tanah Puteh Park
  • Aida Park
  • Bangsawan Park


Dine-out Places:

  • Ming Kitchen Seafood Restaurant - New Upper Changi
  • 5 Senses
  • Ba Shu Sichuan Restaurant
  • XinJian Dong Restaurant Pte Ltd


Shopping Malls:

  • Bedok Mall
  • Djitsun - DJ Mall @ Bedok
  • I-Mall
  • Mas-Ayu Restaurant
  • Long Beach UDMC Seafood Restaurant
  • Udipi Ganesh Vilas Restaurant
  • Jumbo Seafood – East Coast


Within a few minutes of drive from Bedok South Avenue 3, you can connect with Bedok South Road and New Upper Changi Road.

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 155
Bedok South Avenue 3, 460155
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 158
Bedok South Avenue 3, 460158
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 160
Bedok South Avenue 3, 460160
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 167
Bedok South Avenue 3, 460167
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 169
Bedok South Avenue 3, 460169
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 67
Bedok South Avenue 3, 460067
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 68
Bedok South Avenue 3, 460068
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 295
Bedok South Avenue 3, 469296
HDB Blocks Picture
Bedok South Avenue 3, 465461
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 263
Bedok South Avenue 3, 465263