Bedok North Avenue 3

About Bedok North Avenue 3

Bedok North Avenue 3 comes under Bedok HDB estate. Bedok is one of the popular HDB estates of Singapore that has accommodated 200,000 residents and has 58,000 units inside it. That’s the reason, Bedok is in the kitty list of almost every property investor. It is surrounded with lustful greeneries and is making its close existence to a number of Schools, Day Care centres, Hospitals, and Shopping Malls. Starting from MRT stations, hospitals, shopping malls to day care centres, the street has got all amenities that one needs to lead a royal life.


There are in total 16 number of Blocks with approximately 1937 units of HDB are present in Bedok North Avenue 3 with postal codes ranging from 460131 to 469724. Earliest development in Bedok North Avenue 3 is in 1937 and latest was 1978. Both 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units, 4-bedroom units, 5-bedroom units and Executive units that are present to accommodate a family of any size. The blocks are covered with lustful greeneries and offer a peaceful environment.


Bedok North Avenue 3 is a middle place between Bedok Street 3 and Bedok North road. Due to its close presence to well-known entertainment centres in Bedok, residents have a more fun-filled life over here. Not only entertainment, it also has four main bus stations nearby that you can consider going to the nearby places. These bus stations are present in Block 03, Block 04, Block 13 and Block 12. The bus numbers that pass by these stations are – 4, 14, 14a, 14e, 222, 222A etc.


Bedok North Avenue 3 is making its close proximity with many MRT stations present nearby. For instance, with just 5 minutes of drive, you can reach to Bedok MRT station (EW5) and with at Tanah Merah MRT Station (EW4) in just 7 minutes. Not just that, the street is also making its close presence with Kembangan MRT Station (EW6) and Simei MRT Station (EW3) which are present within a radius of 5 km.


Staying in Bedok gives you the nearest access to some of the well-known healthcare centres, schools present in the area. These centres are highly popular among people from other parts of Singapore, so staying here will be a additional benefit for you. Here is the list of popular ones;


Day Care Centres:

If you are a working parent, your toddler can remain safe under the observation of following day care centres.

  • Chen HoonKog Child Care centre
  • Moral Child Development Centre
  • PCF Fengshan Childcare center
  • Marine Parade Aspirant childcare centre
  • Saso Childcare Centre


Preschool and Secondary Schools:

Also, you need not to worry about the quality education of your child owing to the presence of following prominent educational hubs nearby:

  • Fengshan Primary School
  • Red swastika School
  • Yu Neng Primary School
  • Anglican Primary School
  • Bedok Green Secondary School


Well, it is not only high profile school and child care centres that make bedok North Avenue 3 famous. There are numerous restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets and recreational parks present nearby as listed below;


Recreational Parks:

Creating some happy moments with your family and loved ones in your leisure time is an easy affair because of the presence of following nearby recreational parks:

  • Bedok Town Park
  • Kaki Bukit Neighbourhood Park
  • Garden Hill
  • Bangsawan Park
  • Interim Park at Terang Bulan Avenue


Shopping Malls:

Shopping needs are endless and unless the destinations are nearby, it troubles residents in terms of waste of extra fuel and time. However, same is not the case here at Bedok North Avenue 3. It is well surrounded by a number of shopping malls within a radius of 5 km to satisfy your daily shopping needs. Some of the usual hitting spots are:

  • Bedok Point
  • DJ Mall
  • Bedok Mall
  • Vivian &sean
  • The hair and beauty salon


Dine-out Places:

Having dinner or lunch with your family at any place outside your home is an easy affair at Bedok North Avenue 3 as it is surrounded by the followings:

  • Jing long seafood restaurant
  • Nakhon Kitchen
  • Ba Shu Sichuan Restaurant
  • Chic-a-boo
  • Khan Saab Restaurant


Other than the above-mentioned amenities, you will find all other means of enjoyment such as Sports Park, stadium, martial arts learning centre etc.


You can reach out to other places around Bedok North Avenue 3, such as Bedok Reservior Road, Bedok North Road, Bedok North Street 2, Bedok North Street 1, Bedok Central and New Upper Changi Road

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 133
Bedok North Avenue 3, 460133
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 137
Bedok North Avenue 3, 460137
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 139
Bedok North Avenue 3, 460139
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 401
Bedok North Avenue 3, 460401
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 402
Bedok North Avenue 3, 460402
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 404
Bedok North Avenue 3, 460404
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 405
Bedok North Avenue 3, 460405
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 505
Bedok North Avenue 3, 460505
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 507
Bedok North Avenue 3, 460507