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I'll assume the budget is not a concern here.
1) If the young couple is buying a BTO flat, I would suggest to them to apply for 5-rm. Sell it once it reaches MOP.
2) They can decide by then whether to maintain to shift to a 5-rm or downsize to a 4-rm flat. If they don't mind waiting they could wait for BTO.
3) They will have more capital to decide which route to take.
4) They will have to assess their career expectation and which route they are able to take.
5) Because the 5-rm flat can fetch a higher price thus they can have a better option on which path to take.
6) Even can consider upgrading to EC or private if possible.

7) If they are buying a resale, I would suggest buying a 4-rm flat and save as much as possible for their BTO.
8) Because a resale will cost more than BTO thus it is difficult to get a 5-rm flat right away.
9) Young couples will need more time to adjust to each other and at the same time deal with the work stress. Thus a 5-rm flat will not help by increasing their burden
10) The Same thing applies, once reach MOP you will have to assess your career situation on which path you could take from this point.
11) The risk appetite is another factor to consider on whether to upgrade to private/EC or to stay put with BTO.

12) There is no single solution that is suitable for everyone. Everyone has their strong and weak spot.
13) If the beginning financial situation is stronger, make good use of it.
14) If the beginning financial situation is weaker, take a careful step not to fall lower.

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There is no best option, only most suited option for the many different kinds of buyer profiles.

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If you are looking for a BTO, I might suggest a 5 room flat. I may be wrong but a 5 room flat might be in a very high demand once it reaches its MOP as it caters to buyers looking to upgrade from a 3 room or 4 room. However if you are looking for a resale, there is not really a significant difference in both options and it will all boil down to your financial affordability. I am specialised in HDB transactions. Do contact me at 93375051  for a free and non obligatory discussions on this.

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