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Sunil Kumar
Hi Mr Kim
For a 500 K house pls see the calculations below
- 20 % down payment (5% cash and 15 % cpf or cash)
i.e., 20% 500 = 100K
- Buyer Stamp duty 3% 500 = 15000-5600 = 9400
- ABSD 5% of 500 = 25000
- COV depends on the house = 10K to 50K

The other charges include lawyer and agent fee.

Pls feel to approach me if you need any assistance or if something is not clear

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Irene Tan
Mr Kim,

To know more on the cash outlay for the dream house that you are going to purchase, kindly give me a call @ 83886833 for a friendly discussion when you are free.

With more details provided by you, then i can calculate a more accurate cash outlay for your purchases.

Irene Tan
Huttons Asia Pte Ltd
SK Wong
Hi Mr Kim Kit Wong,

Assuming you are getting 80% loan for a $500,000 resale flat, the calculation :
Cash CPF
------- ---------
1)20% Deposit $25,000 $75,000
2)Stamp Duty $ 9,600
3)5% ABSD $25,000
4)Legal fee approx. $ 2,500
5)COV assume $20,000
-------- --------
$70,000 %87,100
-------- --------
Please feel free to contact me at 81029490 for further clarification.

Best regards.

SK Wong (CEA: R010639B)
Associate Marketing Director
PropNex realty pte ltd
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SK Wong
Hi Mr Kim Kit Wong,

Sorry for not able to present the calculation in table form.

The cash you need is $70,000/- (assume COV is $20,000) & CPF required is around $87,100/-.

Please call or email me for futher clarification.

Thank you.

SK Wong (CEA No.: R010639B)
Associate Marketing Director
PropNex Realty Pte Ltd
HP: 81029490
Email: skwong@propnex.com