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hello there! please read through your tenancy agreement to see if there is any clause that states landlord is able to do a yearly increment. Read More
And your question is if he is entitled to do so? You can look into your tenancy agreement for such provision. If I am the agent representing the tenant and landlord ask for such a clause, I will have also asked for a clause that allowed tenant to revise the rental downwards if market trend downwards. Read More
My Answer with regards to your Question:

It's important to carefully review your tenancy agreement to understand your rights and obligations as a tenant. Here are some steps you can take:

Review the Tenancy Agreement: Take a close look at your tenancy agreement to see if there is any clause regarding rent increases. Look for language related to rent adjustments, renewal terms, and any provisions regarding annual increases.: IF THERE IS NO SUCH CLAUSE while the tenancy is still not ending > landlord cannot ANYHOW INCREASE RENTAL WITHOUT A MUTUAL AGREEMENT BASED ON LEGAL TENANCY AGREEMENT.

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