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HDB flats built between 1974 and 1989 will have a remaining lease of 52 years and 67 years respectively.

HDB flats with a remaining lease of less than 60 years will be subjected to a pro-rated CPF usage. This will limit the pool of buyers should you wish to resell your HDB flat later.

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Ling CK

1) 1974 to 1989 is a wide gap of 15 yrs.
2) You have to know there is the remaining lease of the flat should last you till 95 yrs old.
3) Due to (2), there is a restriction on CPF utilization on the flat that cannot last you till 95 yrs old.
4) If you are 35 yrs old now, the flat should be at least having a remaining lease of 60 yrs. Therefore the ideal flat you should be selecting those flats built from 1986 onwards.
5) In this way, you will be able to fully utilize your CPF for the flat.
6) You may check how much you can utilize by checking on the CPF website:

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