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Hi, no there is no legal deadline to sign lease renewal contract, however if you sign it at a much later date, there is a chance that the landlord found a replacement for you.

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There isn’t any dateline for renewal of TA but the landlord would expect tenant to sign earlier and not till the last min.

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Most rental agreement has a clause on renewal of lease to take place 2 months prior the expiry, if no agreement can be reached for renewal by then, landlord can arrange to look out for new tenants. As long as the lease is renewed before new tenants are found and before the expiry of the existing agreement, then it should be fine. Read More
Hi, appreciate your sharing. It is subjected to both parties.
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No, there isn't a legal deadline in Singapore for tenants to sign a lease renewal contract.

Landlords, however, typically send lease renewal offers around 2 TO 3 months before the existing lease expires. This gives tenants ample time to review the new terms and decide whether to renew the lease or find another place.

While there's no legal requirement for you to sign by a specific date, it's good practice to communicate your decision to the landlord as soon as possible. This allows them to find a new tenant if you choose not to renew. Read More

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