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Ander Ang

For your 4rm flat, the estimated valuation is $370k. It depends on the facing and condition of the unit.

For COV, we should be looking at $30k.

If you are serious in selling, should proceed to do an official HDB valuation. I can assist you with that.

Furthermore, you should work out the financial calculation for this selling transaction. I can assist you with this also.

Appreciate you can call me at 98628691 to discuss.

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Catherine PANG
Geryl Lim
Dear sir/madam,

The intention behind selling is important. Are you sizing out the price now to make plans for your next purchase as you may not have alternative accomodation?

All prices mentioned are based on past transactions and existing units in the market and therefore do not paint the overall picture of how much your property can be valued at and how much COV can you ask.

In my own opinion, you may ask for as high a COV as you want but if the market is not responsive enough to your asking, your listing on the market will only serve as a showcase for the buyers to convince the buyers that other units are more worthwhile buying.

My team of dedicated salesperson who have accumulated years of experience in the real estate industry should be able to advise you proper if we have the opportunity to assess your place physically and go through with your what your intentions and plans are after the sale. No obligations whatsoever as with the current strict regulations, we are required to take care of our clients' interest.

Geryl LIM
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