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YT Tan (陈永达)
Hi Vincent,

like you said too, you are also not sure whether the property prices will dip in the coming months likewise me too even though there are so many rumours and speculation out in the market.

My advice to you will be you can start searching for any good deals and if it's really that great, why do you want to rent a unit when you can use the rental to cover the mortgage?

Hope my opinion helps you with your decision in coming months. Happy Lunar New Year to you! Let's prosper together!

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Hi Vincent,

My only concern for you is what if prices don't drop and instead appreciate even further?

No one knows for sure what will happen. As Zhiwei has mentioned, there are good news coming out from US and Europe, but still fears that they will not hold out. In addition to this, government introducing ABSD, but the launch of the project Watertown has seen healthy take up rates, this market is just so tough to predict.

My opinion is that if you have what it takes to purchase and financin it is cmfortable for you,don't spend additional money on rental since ultimately you'll be servicing the loan for your landlord instead for yourself.

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