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Hi, I would be most glad to assist you further and pls feel free to let me know if you need any assistance. Hope to hear from you soon and have a great week ahead. By the way, you can only sell your flat once it hit the MOP unless there is any valid reason which you may like to write in to appeal.

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For such cases where it have not met the MOP, you need to appeal to HDB and provide a strong justification why you need to sell now.

While i do see successful cases before, the time taken could be long. Perhaps you can look at other alternatives which i hope i will be able to assist you in.


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Robbie Chen Chee Howe

According to HDB rules, you will have to fulfill the 5-year MOP before you can:
1) sell off the HDB flat, or
2) to purchase another residential property.

You could however try to appeal to HDB for a waiver. Do take note that approval is on a case-by-case basis. Hence, I believe you will need to have a very strong reason for HDB to grant you this special approval.

I am experienced and well-versed in both private and HDB resale transactions. I will be able to assist you in your housing plans. Please get in touch with me for a more in-depth discussion.

Should you need require further assistance in matters relating to property, please contact me at my mobile 9748 6305  . I will be happy to assess and share with you the possibilities for you in the current market.

Thank you.

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Joanne Chia 谢诗琳
Good day sir / madam .

I have sold few hdb before MOP , however please note SSD seller stamp duty ( iras ) is payable if sold before 4 years MOP , firstly you will have to write in to hdb, appeal to sell before MOP ,

If hdb approve , secondly, proceed to write in to iras to appeal for SSD waiver , or be prepared to pay SSD if appeal is not in your favour . Please do the neccessary appeals BEFORE selling your hdb .

Most buyers are viewing property for fun , not desperate to buy as they are hopeful that price will drop.

If you think price will go up , you can price your property higher , vise versa, if you think price will drop , you should set a realistic price or price it to sell quickly.

As i do not have your contact, Kindly contact me joanne chia hp 8333 3327  , for a no obligations chat for your property needs.

My charges are 1% commission for exclusive ( sole agent ) selling rights to your property, or 2 % for open listing ( as many agents as you wish ) .


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