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Hi, is this by any chance a hdb rental flat ? Or is this your own unit? As the pax limit for 3 room is 6 pax , hdb most likely won't approve unless you are in a special situation .

If you are in the process of a property journey be it in renting/selling/buying/investing and you are looking for someone to assist you, I will be avaliable Do reach out to me for assistance.

Landon Chew
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  • Landon Chew
    Hi, have you guys explored the option of applying for financial aid with the relevant authorities and government? As you guys are staying in 3 room flat with 6 pax already, even if you appeal with the HDB to allow you to rent out a unit, it will most likely be rejected. You can still try to appeal to HDB and see what they say, but the best solution for you guys will be to apply for financial aids, I believe there will be some sort of aid available for you.
  • b***@yahoo.com
    Hi sir it is our own unit. I have problem with paying monthly payment. We only can pay 60-70 percent monthly. Also have outstanding in payment. So we thought of renting one room to pay more. Is there any possible way you can help us.
HDB typically doesn't approve rental for a 3-room flat for more than 6 occupants unless there are special circumstances. Read More