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In a divorce case, the court will instruct to dispose of the matrimonial home and split the sale proceeds according to a certain apportionment by percentage.

If the court is of the view to transfer the share of the property to you, then his ex-wife may take over the share and continue with the mortgage.

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If the property is transferred to his ex-wife, you may buy as a joint applicant with him under the Fiancé/Fiancee Scheme.

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Info provided is not very clear. Not sure whether your spouse-to-be still owns the existing flat.
I will assume the following:
1) Current flat own by your spouse-to-be already settled.
2) Your spouse-to-be owns the HDB flat at the moment.

Your choice is as follow:
1) buy an HDB flat with his name as an occupier, but he has to dispose of the current flat owned.
2) Stay in the current flat own by him and listed as an essential occupier.
3) Provided your spouse-to-be flat already met MOP, you may buy a private property under your name only. He can retain his flat under such a situation.

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