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If you wish to apply for an HDB flat jointly with your girlfriend, you will have to transfer ownership of your current flat to your father.

Your father must also return the CPF amount used plus accrued interest that you have used towards the current HDB flat. On top of that, he must be able to able to service the mortgage.

On your end, you must settle any outstanding amounts to HDB such as fire insurance premium, late payment charges or bill charges before the application for transfer can be considered.

A Buyer's Stamp Duty (BSD) of up to 3% will apply for the shares that were sold to the other party.

You may also be liable to pay for Seller's Stamp Duty.

Your girlfriend will either have to dispose of her current flat or she may include your name in her current flat.

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1) A family is only entitled to own 1 HDB flat.
2) Thus after you married, one of you has to remove your ownership from the current flat.
3) It is either you transfer your ownership to your dad or your GF sell away her current flat.
4) If you have not met the MOP, you may put up your situation to the HDB for considerating the possible alternatives.
5) If your father does not have the financial capacity to take over the BTO, meaning he couldn't afford to buy over your share. The HDB properly will suggest your GF sell her flat away.
6) The HDB will give a 6 months allowance for you to ensure you and your GF will eventually own 1 HDB flat.
7) You may put up your appeal to the HDB via currently provided feedback link for a quick answer:

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