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Yes, you will be able to purchase another resale flat with your Mother under Public Scheme. You may also be able to apply for HLE if you meet the eligibility conditions. Whether or not you qualify for Grants will be dependent on few factors.

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1) Yes, you can form a family nucleus with your mum (divorced) under the public scheme provided you and your mum are SC and/or SPR. Do note your parents cannot activate any selling process until they received a final court order.
(a) You are able to apply for HLE if your household income is less than $14k.
(b) Unfortunately for your case, you won't be eligible for any grant. The current grants are mainly eligible for couples and single above 35years old.

3) You must be an SC above 21 years old in order to be eligible for an HLE.
There is no mention under HDB loan eligibility that a person under DMP is not eligible for an HDB loan.

4) There is this clause that might be relevant for your case:
Prior consent must be obtained from the Official Assignee (OA) or the private trustee if you are applying to buy an HDB flat that is bigger than a 5-room flat or a 3Gen-flat. From 1 February 2016 onwards, prior consent is also required to buy any flat type with a net purchase price of $500,000 or above, after taking into account any HDB subsidies or levy.

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